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*****6*****????????????@.THelp, page 6: U s i n g t h e M o u s e‰If you have a mouse, you can move, spin, andstretch thePress E s cttemplate by grabbing the handle--no need to use the keyboard,to bringtheoor even the menu!  Here's how:$menu back." CGrab here ÄÄ>³A  to re-size³Cand spin. ÄÄÁÄÄ <ÄÄÄÄÄ Grab here=    (or the other side)*Grab here to move   to stretch and skew.jPress the left button to grab, hold it down to "drag",tthen let go.  To move the handle to a different part of thettemplate, click in the center of that part.  It takes a littleppractice, so give it a whirl!  Then pick Help to continue.ÿÿÿÿ‰