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*****6*****????????70???@.THelp, page 4: T h e T e m p l a t eŒThe largest part of every template is a polygon (like therred triangle below) called the "seed" shape.  A template hasaat least one more part, which is a shrunken copy of the seedsshape.  In the example below, we have a green, half-sized copyccentered on one of the seed's corners.  These two parts makeuup a simple template.‘To draw a finely detailed shape, the computer will continuetthe pattern; another half-sized triangle will be drawn on theccorner of the green one, another on its corner, and so on. Press E s cPPick Draw from the menu now to see it getbackFthe menu. As you can see, each level can be assigned its own color((you'll learn how later).  What's thewhite upside-down T?PPick Help to find out...PLevel 0, The "Seed"HLevel 1, defined in template< L e v e l 2 i s e x t r a p o l a t e d=Level 3, too!Gand beyond...ÿ