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2/& /?0*<***????????????@.THelp, page 3: T h e M a i n M e n ujThese ÄÄÄÄÄÂEare ÃBefore you learn to configure and use generalÃttemplates, you'll need to understand the menuoncommands.  Ãtthe right.  There are 3 ways to choose anaction:ÀETheseÄÄÄÄÄÂ* Use the S p a c e b a r and B a c k s p a c e keys tomodify ÃPress E s c
move the ">" to the action you want,
theÃto bring then press E n t e r, or...picture.Ãback theDÃmenu. * Press the key listed next to the action, Àor...)These ÄÄÄÄÄÂ (controlÃ* Point to the action with the mouse, andtheÃclick a mouse button.template.ÃPÃYou've already used two of the menu choices:ÃHHelp and Paint.  If you're brave, go ahead andÃttry some more--but be warned that you might getÃiin over your head!  Choose Help from the menuÃtto go on.6ÃPÃP.S. Here's a template for the adventurous Ä>Ãtto play with. (HINT: The a r r o w k e y s move it.)Àÿ§