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**<*(>******4-????????????@.THelp, page 21: T i p s o n M o u s i n gˆA mouse makes most things easier, but mousing around cangget tricky.  Here are some handy mousing tips:"     Q* Whenever you're having trouble grabbingsomething,useClicking
Next Part or NextPoint on the menu to putthe handlethe r i g h t just where you want it, t h e n grab with the mouse. m o u s eL b u t t o n
* To Spin without accidentally re-sizing (or vice-versa),will bring use the menu.  Same with Skew and Squish/Stretch.  back theImenu.* To Spin, Skew, or move to the Next Part or NextPointin the o p p o s i t e d i r e c t i o n from normal, pick them fromthe menu with the r i g h t m o u s e b u t t o n instead of the left.g* To make the handle bigger (and easier to grab), holddown a S h i f t k e y and press *.  To shrink it, use S h i f t /.g* Except when picking from a menu, the r i g h t m o u s e b u t t o nacts like the E s c key (it hides the menu and brings itback).  When the program asks you a question, press the l e f t b u t t o n to say "Yes", or the r i g h t b u t t o n for "No".iMouse about a bit, then pick Helpfor some closing words.ÿ¨ÿ