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37()" 7(((??>#????=?)???? @.THelp, page 2: H o w t o E s c a p e a n d Q u i tb You'll soon be designing your own breathtaking This ÄÄÄ>iimages and scientific models with fractal templateswillllike the one below.  After you finish reading this exit thepparagraph, press the letter D to see how a simple program.ttemplate "grows" deeper and deeper levels of detail. BBUT FIRST, find the E s c key.  You can press it to When yousstop the drawing if the deeper levels take longerwant thetthan you want to wait.  Go ahead and press D back,Gpress E s c.} Now notice the menuof7 ACTIONs and K E Ys to the9 right.  To do an ACTION,9press the K E Y listed by:it.  For example, when;you want to Quit the=program, just press Q.For more Help, press: H and then press E n t e r to8pick the next topic and:learn more about using;menus.%ÿÿÿ•