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                9****6*****????????????@.THelp, page 15: C o l o r i n g S h o r t c u t s] This"Pick Adjust now. colors allF parts atColor All Parts applies the currentone levelÄ>ccolor to e v e r y p a r t at o n e l e v e l (This is  ÚÄÄ>mmost useful for Drawing).On the other ThisÄÄÄÙ P i c khhand, use Color All Levels when you want colors t h i saa s i n g l e p a r t colored the same at a l l  one part n o w Ä Ä > l l e v e l s (especially handy for Painting). at every
If you4 E s c,A special case:  When the handle isthe menuoon the seed (which has only level 0),will comeCColor All Levels will apply the seed'sback.ccolor to the entire shape--every partat 'aall levels.  This gives you a quick way)tto color e v e r y t h i n g at once!‰Use these now, so you'll remember,tthem!  Pick Help from the main menu-tto continue.v
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