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2/& /?0*<***????????????@.THelp, page 1:ê W e l c o m e t o F r a c t a l G r a f i c s !‡These help messages will show you how to design richlyccomplex and beautiful imagesusing fractals--enchantingsshapes from the "geometry of nature".+     N   You know how to use drawing tools like a pencil and accompass.  Now you will learn to use a new tool called a   ""fractal template" to create pictures.  The template can be cconfigured in a limitless number of ways, and each configur-aation can produce a unique, detailed shape.  You movethettool around, and imprint copies of the shape onto your  ppicture.  Captions (text) can be added, and the resulting   aartwork can be saved on a disk. 0     ;      To the right is a simple template.*YYou'll learn how it works later, but you(ccan "Paint" an imprint with it now by pressing"tthe letter P.  This is just one of many ways to ccolor and detail thefractal defined by this$ttemplate.  When you're ready, press H and'tthen E n t e r to go on.}ÿÿU