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Facedance 2.0
COPYRIGHT 1992,1994
by Warren Steven Riley

Shareware! - Make a dancing family photo album!

Welcome to Facedance 2.0! This is a hyper screen-saver
type graphics program. To see what it does just try it
The program is FD.EXE. Type FD and on the same line
enter the name of one of the PCX files included. It
should look something like this:


Do not type the PCX three character extension - it is
automatically appended for you.

--- Once you hit a key or move the mouse the program ends. ---

The only exception to this rule is the ALT key that will
let you cycle through different background fade effects.

Since the files are saved as PCX files you can import and
use other images. Just make sure the image size is
somewhere in the range of 80 by 80 pixels and that the
files are in 256 colors. That's it.


See a million overlapping pictures of your wife, your
child, your dog, you name it. If you can't digitize your
pictures yourself(and most people can't) we will gladly
do it for you. You can send us your beloved photos! (see

---------- Registering and Other Fun-----------------------------

We hope you have enjoyed watching Facedance 2.0! If you
decide to register it you will receive:

1: A disk full of digitized images.
2: The ability to make Facedance into a screen saver.
3: Many additional background effects.

When registering specify whether you want the DOS or
WINDOWS screensaver version. The registration fee is $15
a piece or $25 for both the DOS and WINDOWS version!

-ALSO: If you would like to see color pictures of YOUR
family, friends, relatives, pets, etc. simply send the
pictures and will will digitize them for you. Pictures
must be sent in groups of five each group of five costing

WINDOWS FACEDANCE..............$15
DOS FACEDANCE..................$15
PICTURES(groups of 5 photos)...$20
(pictures will be digitized in color)
To register simply send check or money order to:

Steve Riley
P.O.Box #21
Herndon, VA 22070-9998

Make check or money order payable to Steve Riley.
Make sure and give us your full address.
Make sure and specify Facedance 2.0 for WINDOWS, DOS.
Pictures sent to us will be returned.
Make sure and specify whether you would like 5 1/4 inch disks
or 3 1/2 inch disks.

If you have a printer send in your registration on the ORDER.DOC

If you have any comments, suggestions or complaints . . .
please feel free to send comments. All suggestions or
comments you have will be considered and used to improve
the program in future versions.

Have fun and if you have any questions or comments make sure
and write us.

Steve Riley
White Obsidian Software


These files may be freely distributed as long as all the
files are distributed as is and intact. All of the files
must be present. The file list is at the end of the DOC.
No unreasonable profit can come from the sale of these
files. They are meant for any legitimate shareware
dealer. The non-shareware registered version of this
product should never be given out under any



Steve Riley
December 15, 1994.