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; EZOFF.LSP (command EZOFF) For AutoCAD 2.5x +
; 12/4/1987
; By Tony Tanzillo, A/E Automation Systems, all rights reserved.
; Donated to public domain on 2/4/1988
; AutoCAD, AutoLISP, AutoSHADE, AutoSKETCH, AutoFLIX, and ADI are
; registered trademarks of Autodesk inc.
; * * * * * N O T I C E * * * * *
; -----------
; The information contained herein is being donated to the public domain
; soley for the benefit of licensed AutoCAD END USERS everywhere. You are
; free to modify same for YOUR OWN USE, or reproduce and distribute it
; to other licensed AutoCAD users only in it's unmodified original state
; for thier individual use, provided that such reproduction/distribution is
; NON-COMMERCIAL, and NOT FOR PROFIT, and that with any such distribution,
; this NOTICE (or any portion thereof) is NOT REMOVED OR ALTERED from it's
; original content in ANY manner, shape, or form.
; You ARE NOT free to reproduce and/or distribute the information
; contained herein (regardless of medium or form of reproduction) FOR
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; as a part of any commercially obtainable goods regardless of thier
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; information alone, or accompanied by other information beyond the
; reasonable costs of the medium of distribution, without the expressed
; written permission of the author.
; If you seek such permission, it will be granted provided you furnish the
; author with ONE (1) fully-functional, licenseable sample of the finished
; product(s) in final marketed form. In return for which you may solict
; and will recieve the author's objective opinions, advice and insight
; regarding any and all aspects of said product(s), free of charge, with
; appropriate and complete written assurance of non-disclosure.
; Disclaimer:
; A/E Automation Systems and Tony Tanzillo are in no way responsible
; for the content of this information, and can not be held liable for any
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; information regardless of it's origin, or manner of prescription or
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; If you do not agree with the terms and conditions stated above,
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; this information. Your retainage and useage of same constitutes your full
; agreement and acceptance of the terms and conditions as stated above.
; * * * * E N D N O T I C E * * * *
; -------------------
; Additional information can be obtained by writing to:
; A/E Automation Systems
; c/o Tony Tanzillo
; 32 Gould Ave.
; Paterson, N. J. 07503
; (201) 523-7944 (business hours (EST), M-F only)
; A Few words about A/E Automation Systems

; A/E Automation Systems is a group of dedicated professionals who
; are experts in CADD/Computers/Programming, and thier respective
; disciplines to which they apply AutoCAD to professionally. Currently,
; these include Archicture/Engineering/Construction, electronics
; engineering, mechanical & electro-mechanical engineering, civil
; engineering, space planning and industrial & interior design.
; The firm offers professional CADD/Design Automation consulting
; services on an hourly, fixed-fee, or contract basis. The following
; is a brief summary of the products and services available from
; A/E Automation Systems.
; New installation/pre-purchase services:
; - CADD productivity analysis/profit cycle/feasability studies.
; - Product research, evaluation, and specification.
; - Installation supervision and management.
; Post installation & existing system services:
; - Training (AutoCAD/LISP/SHADE/SKETCH, introductory thru advanced).
; - AutoLISP programming
; - Independent phone-based user support (by contract)
; (including interactive support via modem).
; - CADD management (via modem or onsite)
; - Dealer training services for AutoCAD dealers without
; Authorized/qualified training.
; - Extended dealer services for dealers specializing in
; intensive vertical applications.
; Other products & services available:
; - Extensive AutoCAD customization/programming to optimize
; system to various specific disciplines.
; - Professional AutoLISP programming (contract & hourly)
; Including complete development, testing, installation,
; training, and support of turnkey applications.
; - Custom symbol libraries, electronic product catalogs and
; templates (generic and manufacturer specific).
; AutoCAD Application Software
; - Developers of commercial AutoCAD add-in applications

; Including AutoLISP programming tools and utilities,
; function libraries for application developers, user
; customization tools, And descipline-specific application
; software products.
; For more information on products and services available from
; A/E Automation Systems, call during business hours, or write
; to the address list in this file.
; EZOFF.LSP adds a command of the same name to AutoCAD, which
; is functionally very similar to the offset command with a
; couple of exceptions. With EZOFF, you can erase the object(s) being
; offset, and you can specify the objects to be offset and the side
; or direction which they are offset to with the same pick of your
; pointing device.
; Deleting the object to be offset.
; To do this, simply respond with Y to the "Delete orignal objects?"
; prompt, and each time you offset an object, it will be erased
; immediately.
; Single point object/offset side specification mode.
; This mode permits you to select the object to be offset and the
; side to which it is to be offset to, with a SINGLE PICK the pointing
; device. When you select the object you must CENTER the PICKBOX
; towards the side of the object which you want it to be offset to.
; Avoid centering the pickbox directly on the object, since the closer
; the center of the pickbox is to a point on the object, the more
; difficult it is to determine what side you are indicating that
; the object be offset to.
; Sample dialouge w/ EZOFF;
; Command: EZOFF
; Offset distance/: 2'0"
; Delete original objects? : N
; Single point offset specification? : Y
; Pickbox size: 6
; Select object to offset:

; Select object to offset:

; Select object to offset: ....
; Additional functions required: QUERY (inluded)
; Enjoy!
; Tony Tanzillo, A/E Automation Systems

(defun C:EZOFF ( / sd del sp pb pt fd d)
(setq sd (cond ( (getdist "\nOffset offset distance/: ")) (t 0.0)))
(setq del (query "Delete original objects" nil))
(cond ( (zerop sd) nil)
(t (cond ((setq sp (query "\nSingle point offset specification" t))
(setq pb (getvar "pickbox"))
(setvar "pickbox" (cond ( (getint "\nPickbox size: "))
(t (getvar "pickbox"))))))))
(setq fd (not (zerop sd)))
(setvar "cmdecho" 0)
(command "offset" (cond ((zerop sd) "t") (t sd)))
(while (cond ((setq e (entsel "\nSelect object to offset: "))
(command e)
(while (not (setq pt (cond ( (and sp fd) (cadr e))
(t (getpoint (cond (fd "\nSide to offset to: ")
(t "\nThrough point: "))))))))
(command pt)
(cond (del (entdel (car e))) (t)))))

(defun query(p d / a)
(setq d (cond (d "Y") (t "N")))
(cond ( (member (setq a (substr
(strcase (getstring
(strcat cr p " ? <" d ">: "))) 1 1))
'("Y" "N" ""))
(cond ((eq a "Y"))
(t (and (eq a "")
(eq d "Y")))))
(T (prompt "Invalid response,")
(query p d))))

; If you think that the above is too much code for too
; little gain in functionality, you can use the following
; functon along with AutoCAD's OFFSET command to provide the
; same single point entity/offset side selection that EZOFF
; provides (this one is the real "gem" here). Under no
; circumstances would you need both EZOFF, and following
; function (called "autosel") loaded simultaneously, since
; they both do the same job.
; To use this one, You must first issue the OFFSET command, then
; specify a fixed offset distance. When you are prompted for the
; first object to offset, instead of selecting an object, reply
; with "AUTOSEL", and you can pick the object to offset, and
; the side to offset to with a single pick. Notice the
; "transparency" with which this function works along
; with AutoCAD's OFFSET command.
; AUTOSEL permits user to select object to offset, and
; side to offset to with one pick (inteded for use with
; fixed-distance offset of multiple objects, not with
; through point offset method).

(defun AUTOSEL ( / e pb)
(setq pb (getvar "pickbox"))
(setvar "pickbox" (cond ( (getint "\nPickbox size: "))
(t (getvar "pickbox"))))
(prompt "\nCenter pickbox towards offset side of object,")
((setq e (entsel "\nOffset object to side: "))
(command e (cadr e)) t)))
(command "")
(setvar "pickbox" pb)

plates (generic and manufacturer specific).
; AutoCAD Application Software
; - Developers of commercial AutoCAD add-in applications

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