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* VERSION 2.04 *

The following is a description of the format of EPG's style guide
file. The file name is your choice which allows multiple style
guides to be used. The EPG support of the style guide file is
activated by putting a second file name on the EPG command line.
For example:

epg sample.asc style1.dat


mainr sample.asc style1.dat

will cause automatic importation of the "sample.asc" file. The
graph's options will be defined by the keywords present in the
"style1.dat" file. Any keyword not present in this file will
result in EPG defaults being used. These defaults, along with the
options selectable via the style guide are explained on the next page.


OPTION | EPG Default | Style_guide file syntax | Example
| | |
Chart_Type | None | CT=n where n = 1,2,...11. | CT=4
Title_Size | Large | TS=c where c = L,S | TS=S
Title_Color | White | TC=c where *c = RGBYCPD | TC=r
X_Axis Name | None | XA=s where s = string | XA=widgets
Y_Axis Name | None | YA=s where s = string | YA=dollars
Value_annotate | Off | VA=c where *c = Y or N | VA=N
GRid | Off | GR=c where *c = Y or N | GR=Y
FRame | Off | FR=c where *c = Y or N | FR=n
Hatching | On | HA=c where *c = Y or N | HA=y
3D_flag | On | 3D=c where *c = Y or N | 3D=Y

Notes: 1. *c - All characters may be upper or lower case.

2. Only the first character is looked at for all "c"
types shown above, therfore you may use "Yes" or "No"
instead of "Y" or "N".

3. RGBYCPD/rgbycpd = red,green,blue,yellow,cyan,purple,dark.

4. EPG limits X_axis name to 32 characters and limits
Y_axis name to 16 characters. You may enter more but
they will be truncated to the limits stated.

5. The lines must be without spaces except for the axis
names which may have spaces after the first character.
All data is read positionally so that "GR=y" is correct
but "GR= Y" is not correct and will be ignored. Any line
in the file without "XX=" as the first three characters
will be ignored (they must be in CAPS).

6. Each line must be terminated with .

7. Only the options you wish to override need be stated.

8. The lines may be in any order in the file.

9. If you do not include a valid "CT=" line, the graph
selection menu will be presented when EPG is run. If you
supply the "CT=" line, EPG will go directly to the chart
you requested. Charts are numbered from 1-11 and relates
exactly to the order of the charts displayed on EPG's
graph selection menu counted from left to right, top to

10. The style guide file may be used in conjunction with any
of EPG's supported file types. The style guide is in force
only for the file directly imported and all defaults will
be reset within EPG should a new graph be brought up while
in EPG.


Here is an example style file (with comments) for use as a guide.
Note, although all options are included, they need not all be
specified, when not specified, the system's defaults will be used.

CT=7 (Pie Chart Selection)
TS=L (Title_Size = Large)
TC=g (Title_Color = green)
VA=n (Value_Annotation - off)
GR=Y (GRid - on)
FR=y (FRAME - on)
HA=n (Hatching - off)
3D=No (3D effect - off)
XA=Text for the X-axis (Truncated at 32 characters)
YA=Text for the Y-axis (Truncated at 16 characters)

If you have any questions/problems or need more options to
be selectable, call us.

Brown Bag Software (408) 559-4545.

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