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Easy Presentation Graphics. Part 2 of 3.
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Easy Presentation Graphics. Part 2 of 3.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BG2.DRV 910 370 deflated
DIF.BAT 1036 415 deflated
DIF2ASC.EXE 3235 2212 deflated
EPG.DRV 910 370 deflated
EPG.F01 1400 797 deflated
EPG.F03 4752 1403 deflated
EPG.F11 1682 894 deflated
EPG.F12 1823 877 deflated
EPG.F13 2232 946 deflated
EPG.F14 4192 1052 deflated
EPG.F16 6614 1902 deflated
EPG.F19 1400 618 deflated
EPG.F21 2882 1005 deflated
EPG.F24 3092 990 deflated
EPG.FNT 557 340 deflated
EPG.PMT 4808 1713 deflated
EPG.SYM 3328 835 deflated
EPG.VER 13 13 stored
EPSON24.DRV 572 210 deflated
EX800.DRV 635 240 deflated
EXTERNAL.ISO 2007 984 deflated
FX80.DRV 609 219 deflated
GQ3500.DRV 569 184 deflated
IBMGR.DRV 609 219 deflated
JETPLUS.DRV 647 222 deflated
LASERJET.DRV 649 223 deflated
LQ2500.DRV 591 225 deflated
MAINP.OVL 139680 59464 deflated
ML293.DRV 603 228 deflated
MX80.DRV 610 227 deflated
NEC24C.DRV 599 231 deflated
OKI19.DRV 584 214 deflated
OKI7.DRV 537 186 deflated
OKI8.DRV 522 182 deflated
P321.DRV 597 204 deflated
P351C.DRV 621 220 deflated
PAINTJET.DRV 889 292 deflated
PRT_OPT.EPG 169 109 deflated
PRT_STR.EPG 1795 810 deflated
README.1ST 4062 1453 deflated
SAMPLE.ASC 139 121 deflated
SAMPLE.DIF 384 186 deflated
SAMPLE.SYK 516 210 deflated
SAMPLE.TXT 3200 235 deflated
SAMPLE1.GRF 1081 415 deflated
SAMPLE2.GRF 1113 422 deflated
SAMPLE3.GRF 934 304 deflated
SETUP.DRV 33945 7162 deflated
SETUP.EXE 42945 21875 deflated
STYLE.DOC 5505 1774 deflated
SYK2ASC.EXE 5135 3035 deflated
SYLK.BAT 1042 418 deflated
XEUROPE.GRF 1110 370 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

* README.1st *
* VERSION 2.04 *


We would like to draw your attention to a number of Easy Presentation
Graphics' features which are not covered in your current copy of the
EPG manual. Please be sure to print this README.1st file and
insert it into the front of your manual.


Printing graphics at high resolutions is a demanding task for current
printer technology, and requires much more time than printing text.
To enable you to plan other activities while your PC is printing, we
have included a print timer. The timer appears in the lower right
side of your screen. Due to uncertainty as to the type and condition
of your printer, the estimate for completion of printing is approximate.
As printing continues and the timer specifications are updated, the
estimate will become more accurate. Please note that the timer is
updated periodically, not continuously, so a pause in the timer's
display does not indicate that your system has hung up.


Extensive research has been done to identify the different types of
printers available in the market place, and to ensure that Easy
Presentation Graphics will support these devices.

Nevertheless, because of the large number of print devices currently
available, we have not been able to test each one, and have to rely
on manufacturer's specifications and reviews in trade journals. If
you find that your printer is not supported, please contact us so
that we can identify and correct the problem.

A common problem faced by users is identifying the emulation* modes
provided by their printers. In EPG's Setup, we have listed each
emulation which EPG supports for each printer. If you are
unsure which emulation your printer is set up with, and do not want
to refer to your printer's manual, we recommend that you try each of
the emulations which are listed for your printer in the EPG Setup

* The term emulation mode refers to a set of commands which are
recognized by leading models of printers, such as Epson or IBM. Most
software developers incorporate these commands into their software.
Printer manufacturers typically design their printers to allow them
to be set up as if they were one of these standard models, thus
ensuring that most software will be compatible with their printers.
Often a printer manufacturer will allow for more than one type of
emulation mode.

README.1st Page: 2


For advanced users, EPG provides a style guide to allow the program
to come up with a specified chart and parameters. The STYLE.DOC file
describes the use of this option.


EPG now allows the inclusion of ASCII, WKS, WK1, SYLK, and DIF files
on the command line. For example,


would load the EPG with the ASCII sample file, SAMPLE.ASC.

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