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README file on EDRAW distribution disk------------9/20/87------

WHAT IS EDRAW--------------------------------------------------

EDRAW - Easydraw - is an IBM PC based general purpose drawing
program designed for technical people like engineers, teachers
and students. Besides drawing lines, boxes, circles and
symbols, the USER-SUPPORTED program includes logic/electronic
symbols enabling a user to draw electronic circuits. The
program is ideal for drawing schematics, block diagrams,
flowcharts and features automatic panning.

EDRAW requires 384k of memory, a CGA or EGA graphic adapter,
supports most mice, and prints on Epson or compatible printers.

EDRAW requires users to install - explained below - the EDRAW
distribution disk onto a floppy or a hard drive using a simple
INSTALL procedure. The installed version - EDRAW working disk -
MAY NOT be distributed.

The steps to become a successful EDRAW user are:

____ Print the README file.

____ Install EDRAW on a floppy.

____ Run automated demonstrations EDEMO1 and EDEMO3.

____ Print the manual.

____ Step thru MANUAL TUTORIAL in the manual.

____ Draw and print your first drawing.

____ Order/register for the complete EDRAW package.

AUTOMATED DEMONSTRATION-------------------------------------

After installing EDRAW, a user can execute an automated
demonstration of EDRAW. The demonstrations are named Edemo1,
Edemo2.... To start a demonstration reboot computer to remove
all stay-resident drivers then

floppy user: insert installed disk into drive A
floppy user: A:

hard disk user: C: your hard disk drive
hard disk user: CD\EDRAW

Press any key to advance past the copyright notice.

From the UTILITY menu, press CTRL O (the letter). Most of the
demonstration programs will pause - advance to the next frame
with the space bar only. To stop a demo depress CTRL, ALT,
DELETE and remove the disk.


The DOS command COPY MANUAL.DOC PRN will print the EDRAW
users manual. A section in the manual - MANUAL TUTORIAL - will
take you step by step into EDRAW.

FLOPPY USER INSTALLATION--------------------------------------

Make a working EDRAW disk by first formatting a floppy
with the /S option. The /S option will place a copy of
DOS on the disk.

Insert the EDRAW distribution disk into drive A and the
formatted disk into drive B and enter:


HARD DISK USER INSTALLATION-----------------------------------

The following steps will create an EDRAW sub-directory
and several symbol sub-directories on a hard drive.

Insert the EDRAW disk into drive A and type [HDINSTAL x
ret]. The x indicates the fixed drive name. (Do not type
a colon after the drive name.)

To run the program enter:

DISK CONTENTS--------------------------------------------------

README These words.

FLINSTAL.BAT A batch file to install EDRAW onto a blank
formatted floppy.

HDINSTAL.BAT A batch file to install EDRAW onto a hard
disk drive.

EDRAW.EXE The graphic drawing program.

EDEMO1.BAT Batch file to run DEMO1.COM. A self-paced
instructional tutorial on EDRAW.

EDEMO3.BAT Batch file to run DEMO3.COM. A self-paced
tutorial on drawing schematics, block
diagrams and flow charts.

EDEMO4.BAT Batch file to run DEMO4.COM. This tutorial
demonstrates and prints the symbols on the
distribution disk.

EDRAW.CFG Floppy user configuration file.
Configuration files contain directory path

FIXD.CFG Fixed disk configuration file. FIXD.CFG
will be renamed to EDRAW.CFG by the install

MANUAL.DOC EDRAW manual in ascii file format - can be
printed by using the DOS command COPY

XXXX.DOG These symbol files will be placed in a
directory called GATES and renamed XXXX.SYM
by the INSTALL procedure.

FONTXXX With these files, the INSTALL procedure
will create directories for fonts 1 and 5.

The EDRAW distribution disk must be installed.
Fonts 2 thru 3 and fonts above 5 are not on this SHAREWARE

For more information consult the manual or write to:

Emark Systems
P.O. Box 13796
Albuquerque, New Mexico