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Archive   : DS1_61.ZIP
Filename : CHANGES.TXT

Output of file : CHANGES.TXT contained in archive : DS1_61.ZIP

If you did not have the DeskScan II Installation Program make changes
to CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT, here are the changes that you must
make yourself. Make these changes by using a text editor.

Add a line at the bottom of the CONFIG.SYS file to load the driver
for your scanner. For example, if you have a ScanJet IIc scanner or
a Scanjet IIp scanner, the line you add would probably look like this:


If you have a ScanJet Plus scanner, specify the ScanJet Plus driver:


Choose only one of these statements to add to the CONFIG.SYS file.
You cannot have both scanner drivers loaded at the same time.

Add the DeskScan subdirectory to the end of your PATH statement.
For example, if your original PATH statement is:


Change it to:


No changes are required to the WIN.INI file to
run DeskScan II v1.6.1.