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mandel.c current source file, 5--3-88
mandl_87.exe executable program compiled with the 8087/80287 option
of TurboC 1.0 ====
mandl_em.exe same executable but compiled without the 8087 option
The program generates the Mandelbrot set using input data provided by
the initial screen to reproduce the Map slides found in the book, The
Beauty of Fractals. The initial screen displays input data that you
should use initially. When you wish to you may refine the inputs to
'zoom in' on any desired part of the Mandelbrot set. Compatible with
any PC with VGA, EGA or CGA display. Also compatible with the AT&T
PC6300 640 x 400 black and white display. The program can take a long
time to complete a picture so it was compiled with a CONTROL-C option
which allows urgent EXITs. It may be necessary to run mode co80 after
hitting control-c to return your CRT to normal.

No responsibility is assumed by this author for any actions taken by
others involving this software. It Is Public Domain Software:
Happy Trails,
Doug Klein
6718 South 147th Street/Omaha,Ne 68137/bbs:402-896-1555
(donations accepted with gratitude)

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Filename : README

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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