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REND386 -- A Demo 3-D Polygon Rendering Package for the 386 and 486.
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REND386 — A Demo 3-D Polygon Rendering Package for the 386 and 486.
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BISHBAN2.PLG 18366 5174 deflated
BODY.FIG 1281 312 deflated
COLORS.DOC 3164 1268 deflated
CUBE.PLG 234 109 deflated
DEMO4.DOC 17554 6722 deflated
DEMO4.EXE 151838 69256 deflated
FIGURE.DOC 6713 2639 deflated
FINGER1.PLG 206 99 deflated
FINGER2.PLG 306 135 deflated
HAND.FIG 1444 380 deflated
LOGO.PCX 4745 823 deflated
METALMAN.FIG 1482 380 deflated
METLCUBE.PLG 234 110 deflated
MTORUS.PLG 3171 783 deflated
PALM.PLG 603 177 deflated
PLG.DOC 3696 1655 deflated
READ.ME 2783 1139 deflated
ROOM4.ZIP 20615 17776 deflated
SEGA.TXT 3470 1033 deflated
SPLITS.DOC 5361 2115 deflated
TEST.PLG 714 262 deflated
THTIP.PLG 307 134 deflated
THUMB.PLG 205 97 deflated
WORLD.DOC 9311 3588 deflated

Download File DEMO4.ZIP Here

Contents of the READ.ME file

Changes since the third release:

- support for splits and areas to help with visibility problems

- simple pseudo-multitasking

- support for multiple representations of an object based on size/distance

- support for single-vertex polys, displayed as single points on-screen

- support for a simple "world description" file format

- new function: walk_objlist()

- objects now keep track of what objlist they're on; therefore:
- remove_from_objlist() no longer takes an objlist as its first parameter,
but now returns the objlist the object was on before it got removed
- next_in_objlist(), prev_in_objlist(), is_first_in_objlist() and
is_last_in_objlist() no longer take an objlist as their first parameter

- copy_obj function removed (should be at a higher level)

- object_bounds() renamed to get_object_bounds()

- seg_get_rep() and seg_set_rep() have been renamed to seg_get_appearance()
and seg_set_appearance(), to avoid confusion with multiple object reps

- high-resolution timer routines

- fast horizon-drawing

- faster palette loading, so faster startup

- smarter joystick handling

This package consists of: -- the file you are now reading
demo4.exe -- the demo program itself
demo4.doc -- documentation on using the demo
plg.doc -- documentation on the .plg file format
figure.doc -- documentation on figure files
colors.doc -- documentation on assigning of colors
world.doc -- documentation on the world file format
splits.doc -- documentation on the use of splits for visibility
logo.pcx -- a logo that can be used by demo2.exe
body.fig -- a human figure, made up out of cubes
metalman.fig -- a human figure, using metlcube.plg instead of cube.plg
bishban.plg -- the classic "bishop and banana figure", now in color
bishban2.plg -- a second, more colorful version of the classic scene
cube.plg -- a cube (used in body.fig)
metlcube.plg -- a cube with a pseudo-metallic surface
test.plg -- a simple test file with two geometric shapes in it
mtorus.plg -- a pseudo-metallic torus
hand.fig -- a human hand, comprised of the following .plg files:
finger1.plg -- first joint in a finger
finger2.plg -- second joint in a finger
palm.plg -- the palm of the hand
thtip.plg -- the tip of the thumb
thumb.plg -- the main part of the thumb -- a sample set of rooms and objects to go in them
sega.txt -- a circuit description for interfacing to the Sega glasses

For more details, see demo4.doc.

For a snazzy demo, unzip and run "demo4 room4.wld". You can use
a joystick or the cursor pad to move around.

That's it.

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