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DANCAD3D (tm), CAD-CAE-CAM, Wire frame animation, and drawing program.
Copyright (c) 1986 - 1991 by Daniel H. Hudgins, All Rights Reserved
File Directory of DANCAD3D v2.5 disk set, five 360KB disks or three 720KB disks
DANCAD3D COM Main program and macro code editor with help screens.
DANCAD3D ??? Overlay files for main program and files for internal use.
DANCAD3D FON Supplied calligraphy font file for lettering in drawings.
???????? PRN Printer driver files for many types of printers.
???????? JET HP-PCL or LaserJet (tm) type printer drivers.
LJIII??? PLT Drivers for LaserJet III using HPGL/2 codes.
???????? PLT Plotter driver files for many types of plotters.
ADOBE_PS LZR Adobe PostScript (tm) laser printer driver.
???????? ASC ASCII filetype drawing files.
HOOKUP1 2D Drawing of how to hook up DANCAM & DANPLOT.
DEMO???? MAC Main demo DANCAD3D Macro program files.
DEMO???? SUB Sub-Macro programs written with DANCAD3D's commands.
DEMO???? BAT Runs demo from DOS prompt after everything is installed.
README BAT Help for first time user.
INSTALL BAT Installs DANCAD3D on users harddisk.
DANCAD3D DOC Brief documentation file and setup information for DANCAD3D.
PRINTDOC EXE Program to print the DANCAD3D.DOC file out.
DISK?OF5 DOC One line file description.
Note that you must use INSTALL.BAT to install all the above files on your
harddisk before you try to run any of the programs. Start installing DANCAD3D
by using INSTALL.BAT on disk 1 of 5.