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A Microtex Industries, Inc. Company

written by John Bridges

Current version --- 1.2

CVTGIF is a simple little utility that takes ANY Pictor or PCX file in any
video mode and converts it to a GIF file. It is not fancy. It is not very
fast at this point. But it is simple and works with almost any file in these
two formats.

To use CVTGIF, simply type:

CVTGIF filename

where 'filename' is the name of the PIC or PCX file you wish to convert.

Wildcards are supported so if you have a directory of random PIC & PCX files
you can type:


and all will be converted.


1) Since the PCX VGA format requires an external palette, CVTGIF will work,
but color palette will be lost. If this presents any problems, please
write ZSOFT and ask them to release a decent picture format...(grrr...).

2) All video modes of Pictor are supported. This includes all CGA, EGA, VGA
Hercules, Hercules InColor, Tandy 1000 16 color, Plantronics 16 color and
associated clones.

3) This is not SHAREWARE. It is Free! But if you really like it & appreciate
the kind of work John and I do, please call Paul Mace Software and order
GRASP/Pictor. 1-800-523-0258. Thanks.

Doug Wolfgram
President - Microtex Industries, Inc.
CIS - 72230,2340