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Summary of Changes in CompuShow Version 8.70:

Improved memory management routines make more DOS memory available for
decoding those memory-hungry JPEG graphics.

New zoom function for images displayed in a 256-color Super-VGA mode, switches
to 320x200x256 (and back) so you can pan around the enlarged image.

New support for "HAM 8" format and improved rescaling of Amiga images.

Grayscale JPEG (JFIF) and Targa graphics.

Version 8.71:

Fixed startup problem (run-time error 103) on CGA systems.

Version 8.72:

Fixed tagged file display with 0 seconds delay to accept ESCape or right click
to interrupt.

Version 8.73:

Added ability to read comments in Tiff, IFF/LBM/HAM, JFIF and MacPaint files.

Added display of "RLE4" compressed BMP's.

Fixed "restore to previous" using XMS memory, so that bottom row is restored

Fix JFIF header processing routine for files which include a large block (more
than 25000 bytes) of extraneous (non-JPEG) data in the "APP0" marker.

New "self-installing" program.

Program documentation can be read and/or printed from inside CompuShow.

Setup can be executed from inside CompuShow.

Initial release: CompuShow 2000!

See CATALOG.DOC for a description of our exciting new program, CompuShow 2000!

What's OLD (and possibly dangerous)!

Since December 1989, we've seen a number of programs claiming to be version
"8.01", "8.31", "8.51", etc. appear on electronic bulletin boards. Generally

these counterfeits have been "hacked" from version 7.0 or 7.2, with the
documentation and on-screen version number changed:

This supposedly "new" version usually has 1989 file dates.

A hack of version 7 will not have multi-screen help, or any of the other
changes made to CompuShow since 1989!

Our best guess is that these counterfeit programs are a direct result of BBSes
that limit downloads based on "credit" for uploads. Evidentally, some people
are so desperate to get credit that they'll "hack together" a counterfeit
program when they don't have anything legitimate to upload.

Apparently the only malicious intent is to disappoint anyone who's looking for
the latest version. However, there have been some (unconfirmed) reports of
VIRUSES attached to some counterfeit programs, so it's best to play it safe!
If you find a program that fits the above description, by all means ERASE IT
IMMEDIATELY and inform the SysOp that it's a counterfeit program, and others
should be notified that it may be destructive.

See Q&A.DOC for information about sources where you can always find the
latest, complete, legitimate version of CompuShow.


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Archive   : CSHOW873.ZIP

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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