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The author of CADET, Steve Waskow, is now a member of the
Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP). The ASP
maintains a high set of standards for its members, so in
choosing shareware by ASP members you can expect quality
and professionalism.

A new program, CI.LSP, has been added to the CADET system.
CI can import ASCII text files from disk into your AutoCAD
drawings. You can specify text height, justification and
line spacing, and create multiple columns.

A new command, [Ctrl-X], has been added to the CADET editor
to export the text to a disk file. Use CE to pull text
from your drawing into the CADET editor, sort it by rows or
by columns, then use [Ctrl-X] to write the file.

CADET now has a built in typematic rate accelerator for IBM
AT and PS/2 class computers - including most 286, 386 and
486 compatibles. The new CHKSPEED utility will test your
system compatibility. The accelerator primarily serves to
speed up the cursor movements. Use the new [Ctrl-T] type
rate command to toggle between the three available speeds.
You can install CADET to start-up in your favorite speed.
Installation options allow you to disable the accelerator
if you are already using a resident acceleration utility.

The keys used to insert AutoCAD's special characters for
overscore, underscore, plus or minus, circle diameter and
degrees symbols have been changed to a more mnemonic set:
Alt-O, Alt-U, Alt-P, Alt-C, and Alt-D respectively. The
keys used in previous CADET versions are still supported.

CADET's AutoLISP interface routines CE.LSP and CC.LSP, and
the new CI.LSP utility now share a memory management scheme
which minimizes their overhead in the AutoLISP environment.
This boosts their performance when using two or more of
them during a drawing session. If desired, you can disable
the CADET memory management scheme during installation or
by setting a configuration variable.

You can now install CADET to default to row sort order at
start-up, rather than column sort order.

CADET now uses the "insert" point of center, middle and
right justified text for row and column sorting. In
general, this gives you a better picture of the text's
organization when you are using the CADET editor. The
previous version of CADET used the lower left text corner
for sorting. If desired, you can still have CADET sort by
the lower left text corner with an installation option or
by setting a configuration variable.

The CADET editor's status line now displays the attribute
prompts along with the block name and attribute tag.
CE.LSP now handles edited block attributes by updating the
block just once - not once per changed attribute.

Changing text style has been simplified by having the
styles presented in alphabetical order. You can now use
the [Up] and [Down] cursor keys to move through the list.
The spacebar functions the same as the [Down] key.

A new option, Swap, has been added to the [Ctrl-M] mark
block function. Swap exchanges the marked block with the
contents of the copy buffer, simplifying many cut-and-paste

The CADET installation program, CADETIN, now checks to see
if your ACAD.LSP file is encrypted prior to installing the
CADET options.

The [Ctrl-W] delete word function is better behaved about
leaving a space between the words preceding and following
the deleted word.

A bug which sometimes did not highlight a marked block
which extended to the 255th column has been corrected.

The monochrome color set has been changed to a more
pleasing combination.

A documentation formatting utility, 60LINE, has been
included to produce a 60 lines per page version of the
User's Manual, CADET.DOC. Many laser and inkjet printers
require a 60 lines per page format.

PRINTDOC, the new batch program, prints all the CADET
documentation for you.

Steve Waskow Wasco Technical Software
Member ASP 1211 Grand Junction Drive
CompuServe 72020,2031 Katy, Texas 77450

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