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CADET - the CAD text EdiTor
Version 2.0
Copyright 1990 Steve Waskow
Wasco Technical Software

CADET is a professional software system which allows you to
create and edit text and attributes in AutoCAD drawings. CADET
works within AutoCAD to provide users the text editing tools
that AutoCAD lacks. Extra features include the ability to
create tables and import and export drawing text to disk files.
CADET is "try before you buy" ASP shareware. The CADET
software system is made up of the following files:

CADET.EXE The CADET attribute and text editor.
CADET.LSP Autoloading routines for CE.LSP and CC.LSP.
CE.LSP CADET Lisp interface to edit text & attributes.
CC.LSP CADET Lisp interface to create text & tables.
CI.LSP CADET Lisp utility to import text files.
CADET.PGP Command line used in ACAD.PGP.
CADETIN.EXE The CADET automated installation program.
CHKSPEED.EXE Pre-installation system compatibility test.
* CADET.DOC The CADET User's Manual.
* 60LINE.EXE Formats CADET.DOC for 60 lines/page printers.
REGISTER.CAD CADET Registration Certificate and order form.
READ.ME This file.
WHATS.NEW Description of features new to Version 2.0.
* PRINTDOC.BAT Prints the CADET documentation.

* The CADET User's Manual is a plain ASCII text file in a 66
lines per page format. To use a laser or inkjet printer
which requires a 60 lines per page format, first run the
60LINE program to create a new 60 lines per page version of
CADET.DOC named CADET.60. Use the PRINTDOC batch program to
print the CADET documentation.

Some of the many available features and functions of CADET:

o Professional full-screen text editing features.
o Edit up to 99 lines of text, 255 characters per line.
o Choose text sorting by rows or by columns with order toggle.
o Easy pull-down menu system and shortcut commands keystrokes.
o Built in help screen listing all available commands.
o Informative text and editor status line.
o Cursor shortcut keys and an adjustable cursor accelerator.
o Search and replace function and find text function.
o Block operations (cut-&-paste): delete, copy, move and swap.
o Insert and delete lines of text.
o Change text height, style and case line-by-line or globally.
o Delete characters, words, blocks and lines of text.
o VGA/EGA toggle for 50/43 line display.
o Enter/edit AutoCAD's special characters without %% codes.
o Import and export drawing text to text files on disk.

CADET is powerful but affordable. See the file REGISTER.CAD
for details on how you can register.

Steve Waskow Wasco Technical Software
Member ASP 1211 Grand Junction Drive
CompuServe 72020,2031 Katy, Texas 77450

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