Category : Printer + Display Graphics
Archive   : BMRPH102.ZIP
Filename : ZG_LWLVL.H

Output of file : ZG_LWLVL.H contained in archive : BMRPH102.ZIP
Header: ZG_LwLvl (ZipGraph Low-Level functions)
Version 1.10 28-Oct-1989

Language: ANSI C w/MS-DOS extensions
Environ: IBM-PC compatibles w/MDA, CGA, HGC, EGA, MCGA, or VGA

Compilers: Borland Turbo C v2.00
Lattice C v6.01
Microsoft C v5.10 and QuickC v2.01
Zortech C & C++ v2.01

Purpose: Provides low-level graphics routines for detecting graphics
adapters, setting graphics modes, and plotting pixels. This
module is required by the higher-level ZipGraph modules.

Written by: Scott Robert Ladd
705 West Virginia
Gunnison CO 81230

BBS (303)641-6438
FidoNet 1:104/708

#if !defined(__ZG_LWLVL_H)
#define __ZG_LWLVL_H 1

#if defined(__cplusplus)
extern "C" {


#define ZG_ERROR 0xFF

#define ZG_VID_MDA 0
#define ZG_VID_CGA 1
#define ZG_VID_HGC 2
#define ZG_VID_EGA 3
#define ZG_VID_MCGA 4
#define ZG_VID_VGA 5

#define ZG_MTR_MONO 0
#define ZG_MTR_COLOR 1

#define ZG_MOD_720x348x2 0
#define ZG_MOD_320x200x4 1
#define ZG_MOD_640x200x2 2
#define ZG_MOD_320x200x16 3
#define ZG_MOD_640x200x16 4
#define ZG_MOD_640x350x2 5
#define ZG_MOD_640x350x16 6
#define ZG_MOD_640x480x2 7
#define ZG_MOD_640x480x16 8
#define ZG_MOD_320x200x256 9

#define ZG_MOD_BESTRES 0x80
#define ZG_MOD_MOSTCOLOR 0x81

#define ZG_PXL_SET 0
#define ZG_PXL_AND 1
#define ZG_PXL_OR 2
#define ZG_PXL_XOR 3


#if !defined(__ZG_LWLVL_C)
extern struct __zg_vi
int Type;
int Monitor;
int Mode;

int Xwidth;
int Ylength;
int NoColors;

extern void (* ZG_PlotPixel)(int x, int y, int color);
extern int (* ZG_ReadPixel)(int x, int y);


int ZG_Init(void);
int ZG_SetMode(int VideoMode);
int ZG_Done(void);

int ZG_SetPixelMode(int PixMode);

int ZG_SetCGAPalette(char PaletteNo);
int ZG_SetEVGAPalette(char Palette, char Color);

#if defined(__cplusplus)


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Archive   : BMRPH102.ZIP
Filename : ZG_LWLVL.H

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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