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A Complex Number Class For C++

version 2.00
30 Oct, 1989

written by:
Scott Robert Ladd
705 West Virginia
Gunnison CO 81230

BBS (303)641-5125
FidoNet 1:104/708

Legal Disclaimer (Yuck)

The software presented in this package is public domain. You
may do anything you please with this software. As such,
there are no warranties or guarantees whatsoever as to the
quality, suitability, or general functionality of this
software. If you use this software, you accept full
responsibility for what it does or doesn't do.

Personally, I hate these disclaimers; however, in the
litigious world we live in, you can't even give something
away for free without covering yourself. Frankly, I suspect
most people are generally appreciative that I've made this
stuff available to them.

This software was developed using Zortech's C++ v2.00 on a
20Mhz 80386-based PC running MS-DOS 3.30. It should work
with all C++ compilers, since it contains nothing which is
Zortech or MS-DOS specific.

One last request: if you do use this class, I'd like to hear
from you. I'm interested in any changes you might make. If
you find any bugs (!), drop me a line, and I'll see what I
can do. Again, since this is free, I can't make any
guarantees about how quickly any bug will get fixed. But I
will do my best!


This document should be part of an archived package, which
contains a complete C++ class for handling complex numbers.
Included in the archive should be:

COMPLEX.DOC -- this document!
CONPLEX.HPP -- the complex class header file

COMPLEX.CPP -- the complex class implementation

If you do redistribute this code, please do so with all of
the files together in an archive. While I use LHARC to
distribute this package, you can use any archiver you want.
Just keep these three files together, since that's how they

General Documentation

The header file COMPLEX.HPP contains the definition of the
Complex class. COMPLEX.CPP contains the implementations of the
non-inline class methods. Basically, you need to compile
COMPLEX.CPP to object form with your C++ compiler. Then #include
COMPLEX.HPP in the source file which uses strings; link that
object file for your program with object file for the Complex
class, and you should be ready to rock and roll.

I won't go into what a complex number is; you can look it up in
any good high school precalcular text, and in most calculus books.
Complex numbers solve a number of tricky problems in mathematics,
and are used heavily in the science of fractal geometry.

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