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Bloom County Graphics 01 for the New Print Shop

These pictures are best used as "Large Graphics" in any of the
applications in the NPS, however many look fine at the "Medium
Graphics" level. They are more detailed than many of the
graphics that come with NPS, and thus look better when enlarged.
Because the program crunches down the pictures to show a "Preview"
of what the final printout will look like, the images become
distorted. When finally printed, the graphics will look better
than when viewed on the screen.

If you like these pictures, or have any comments or
suggestions, leave me a note on Exec-PC and I'll work on making
more graphics for NPS. Please leave me some kind of input, so I
know it's not a total waste of time.

Anyway, I hope you find the graphics useful, and stay tuned
for a set of Calvin & Hobbes pics next.

John Wilets