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This is release 1.1 of AVRIL, a 3D polygon graphics library suitable for
VR applications.

Changes since 1.0 include:
* support for the Polhemus Isotrak
* simplified CFG code
* new "LookAt" routines
* bug fix to the horizon code
These changed are detailed in Appendix A of the documentation file

The latest version of this software can always be found on,
in the pub/avril directory. It should also be available on major sites such
as and


The contents of this archive are as follows: this file the AVRIL programmer's guide (Postscript format)
avrildoc.txt the AVRIL programmer's guide (ascii text)
av.exe the AVRIL Viewer (reads PLG, FIG and WLD files)
avril.cfg the configuration file for AVRIL
avril.h header file to be #included in AVRIL programs
avrilkey.h definitions of keys recognized by AVRIL
avrildrv.h declarations for device driver functions
avril.lib library to link with AVRIL programs (Borland C)
vd256.rvd the RVD driver for mode Y (320x200x256)
system.c source code for vrl_System routines
input.c source code for routines shared by all the examples
cfg.c source code for reading configuration files
av.c source for the AVRIL Viewer
example1.c first example (a cube)
example2.c second example (asteroids)
example3.c third example (multiple surfaces)
example4.c fourth example (animated objects)
example5.c fifth example (input devices)
example6.c sixth example (configuration files)
example6.cfg configuration file for sixth example
drvcyman.c source code for Logitech Cyberman driver
packet.c source code for serial packet routines (used by drvcyman)
asteroid.plg a multi-rep PLG file for example2
colorful.plg a multi-colored object for example3 zip file containing a sample world (unzip using -d)


Unzip (using the -d option to create a directory for the sample
world). Type "av sample.wld". You can also view PLG files and FIG files
using AV.


Moving around the virtual environment is easy. The following applies to AV
or any of the example programs (once they've been compiled).

Key Function

up/down arrows move forward/backward
left/right arrows turn left/right
leftshift plus up/down arrows move up/down
leftshift plus left/right arrows move left/right
rightshift plus up/down arrows look up/down
rightshift plus left/right arrows tilt head left/right


The following keys perform various functions:

ESC quit
f toggle frame rate display
c toggle compass display
p toggle position display
d toggle display of debugging information
_ (underscore) toggle horizon off/on
+,- zoom in, out
= reset zoom
h,H adjust hither clipping plane distance by current space step
w toggle wireframe mode
(space) toggle mouse mode between 6D input and on-screen selection


My email address is [email protected]; mention AVRIL in the subject line
so I'll know what it's about.

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Archive   : AVRIL11.ZIP
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