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VIEWSLD.EXE (C)copyright 1989 John B. Mauldin

Place VIEWSLD in your DOS path.
Modify ACAD.PGP file as follows (add):

VIEWSLD,dospath\VIEWSLD [parameters],150000,,4
This parameter may need to be increased
if you have a large number of files in
the directory.

NOTE: dospath is the path to VIEWSLD.EXE

Modify ACAD.MNU as follows:

If using release 10 search for:
Add this line... [View Slide]^C^C^CVIEWSLD;SCRIPT;SELDWG

Search for:
[AutoCAD]^C^C$S=X $S=S $P1=POP1 $P3=POP3
[* * * *]$S=OSNAPB
Add this line... [ViewSld]^C^C^CVIEWSLD;SCRIPT;SELDWG
[Setup]^C^C^P(progn(prompt "Loading setup... ")(load "setup")) ^P$S=X $S=UNITS

Use cursor keys to position bar over desired file then press ENTER.
or: Type in Existing name plus '.' or use full filename and extension.

Press ESC key to enter AutoCad main menu.

Alt-C to change Drives (Type Drive letter + ':' ie: D: or D:\)

** NEW ** Space bar will toggle file descriptions.
To enter or change file description posisition
cursor over filename and press function key 'F2'.

F1 key = Help.
F2 key = File Description.
F3 key = Move File.
F4 key = Copy File.
F5 key = Rename File.
F6 key = Erase File.


VIEWSLD now accepts up to four command line parameters as follows.

/C: = Column Width from 1 to 5 files wide (default = 4).

/D: = Drive and or Drive\SubDirectory (Default = Current Drive and SubDirectory).

/S: = Sort By (Name Time, Etc.).

/O: = Sort Order (Ascending Descending).

** NEW **

/X Start in file description mode.

The sorting commands are: /C:1-5 File Column Width.

/D: Drive\SubDirectory

/S:D Dos sort order (No sort).
N Sort by File Name.
S Sort by File Size.
T Sort by File Time.

/O:A Sort Ascending.
D Sort Descending.

The parameters can be called in any sequence.


1. Default directory ie: VIEWSLD /D:C:\ACAD\SLIDE
VIEWSLD will start in C:\ACAD\SLIDE directory.

2. Display column width ie: VIEWSLD /D:C:\ACAD\SLIDE /C:2
VIEWSLD will start in C:\ACAD\SLIDE directory showing
two columns of files.

3. Sort Order ie: VIEWSLD /C:2 /S:N /D:C:\ACAD\SLIDE /O:A
Starts in C:\ACAD\SLIDE sorted by Name Ascending Two Columns Wide.



Although this program was originally released as being free I have spent a
considerable amount of profitable time developing and revising to make it more
useful to a larger number of users.

With this in mind I am asking for $50.00 registeration fee for all five
programs. Upon receipt of this fee you will receive by mail or on
CompuServe via Email your user registeration number. With this number
you will be able to disable the opening screen.

If you have any problems or suggestions I can be reached at the address
below or thru Compuserve CIS 74620,1042.

(C)copyright 1989 John B. Mauldin [74620,1042]
P.O. Box 3641
Greenville, SC 29608
Phone 803-268-2685

Rev. (10/14/89)