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3D Animation Program
By Dale Gass

The program '3d' performs a 360 degree rotation on each of five
objects, storing the images in memory, and later projecting them
much faster giving true three dimensional animation.

The program requires an IBM-PC or compatible, with a CGA (i.e.
640x200 video ram @ segment b800h,) and preferrably 640K ram.

The program is invoked by
3d {stepsize}
where stepsize is an optional size (in degrees) of the size of
each step in the rotation (defaults to 5.) The finer (smaller)
this step, the greater the memory required to store the images.
The coarser (larger) this step, the faster the final animation
will be.

In order to store the full 360 degree rotations of each of the
five objects at the default resoluation (5 degree steps) a great
deal of memory is required. With 640K a resolution of 4 may be
chosen, and this fills almost all of the memory.

If the program runs out of memory (or any key is hit before the
rotations are finished) the program will project what it was able
to accomplish. So you can choose a step size of 1 if you wish,
but only one figure will be created, as the memory will be

The creation of images can be halted at any time by pressing any
key. The program would then project the images it was able to

Once the creation of images is complete (or aborted) and the
projection is being performed, several keys have effect on this
'-' Slows down the speed of projection
'+' Speeds up the projects
RET Exits program
spc Single steps images (any key resumes continuous proj.)

If anybody would like the 'Dalhousie' logo replaced by something
else (eg. company name) for demo purposes, I will be willing to
install their logo for a fee of $75.00.

Source code is available to those interested for a fee of

Any questions/comments can be mailed to me as follows:

UUCP: {seismo|watmath|utai|garfield)!dalcs!dalegass.UUCP
or dalegass @ dalcs.UUCP
or [email protected]
CDN: [email protected]
CSNET: dalegass%[email protected]
ARPA: dalegass%cs.dal.cdn%[email protected]

or through the trusty Canadian Postal Service:

Dale Gass
R.R. # 1,
Brookfield, Nova Scotia
B0N 1C0

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