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Doom2 Wad File - Level 5.
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Doom2 Wad File – Level 5.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
RAVEN5.TXT 945 560 deflated
RAVEN5.WAD 169463 51133 deflated
TPCREAD.ME 199 165 deflated

Download File RAVEN5.ZIP Here

Contents of the RAVEN5.TXT file


Part five of the RAVEN SERIES Map 5

This is part five in the premier Doom 2 RAVEN series. This .wad will
challenge all Doom players regardless of skill level.

- support for all 5 skill levels
- superb DEATHMATCH level
- well placed monsters
- use of all three keys
- can be completed with out cheating
- excellent texture alignment
- great windows for sniping

Use doom2 -file raven5.wad -warp 5 to play.

If you liked this level or any of the RAVEN levels
please drop me an E-mail note. Any suggestions or comments
will be greatly appreciated.

** Please contact me if you wish to include this level (or any RAVEN levels) in a
commercial package. (i.e. MEGA-WAD pack, etc)

Level creator: Tim Willits ([email protected])
63 N. Ruth St.
St. Paul MN 55119

Technical Advisor: Indigo Design & Theresa Chasar
Level Tester: Robert J. Cody

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