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DOOMLoad v2.01 Alpha
Coded by Christian Antkow
Released : Mar.21.1994

DOOMLOAD is freeware! Distribute freely. Anyone found charging money for
this will be BFG'd!


March 21.94 Notes

Well, I've done it! I've added PWAD support!!! I've also added a nice
feature which is called PWAD autovalidation. Here's the addendum;

Everyone on the network must have their own copy of the WAD file they wish
to play (or file locking becomes a problem for shared use of the same file)

At the game setup screen (F1 off the main menu), press CTRL-W to get a
pop-up screen of the available PWAD/WAD files. Use the up and down arrow
keys to view them, and press SPACE to mark the PWAD you wish to play (It
will then change color from white to yellow to denote you've flagged it).
Alternately, you may press F1 at the WAD file selector to "Auto-Validate"
it. Meaning, it will try to go through the WAD file and find out it's level
ID and it will then prompt you to enter a description of the WAD. It will
then save this info for future reference. Press ESC when you are finished
selecting the PWAD's and press F10 to start playing...

I'm still working on that stupid Error 70 that comes up in Quicknet mode.
Has to do with file locking on the QUICKNET.DAT file. I'll fix that when
I get a moment.

Any more bugs, please mail [email protected]... Thanx

March 15.94 Notes
(THIS IS A BETA RELEASE! I've done internal company testing but am not
100% this version of DOOMLOAD is bug free. NO IT WON'T FRY YOUR HARD-DRIVE
OR NETWORK. Just a few minor "mechanical" bugs that I think might need
to be worked out.

There is an EXE file called RUNDOOM which is a companion file to DOOMLOAD.
It MUST be in the directory where DOOMLOAD resides.

If you do find a bug, please mail me at [email protected] and I'll fix
the bugs as they are reported. The next revision will include a few
VERY NICE features some dedicated DOOMLOAD users suggested.

Stay tuned!)

What's New in DOOMLoad v2.0

QUICKMODEM SUPPORT!!! Now, even if you don't have a network, you can still
benefit from my patented (?) DOOM Quick Multi-player configuration. Read
further on for more information. I had to redo the screens in order to
accomodate the new QuickModem feature as well as adding the new -NOMONSTERS
and -RESPAWN option. Play logging is a bit "smarter" it doesn't write
"Co-Operative or Single Player" if you are playing alone.

Also, there is a companion file called RUNDOOM.EXE which takes care of
loading DOOM. The memory overhead is lower and you should notice a speed
increase over previous versions of DOOMLoad.

This version also implements recording of Network games. Read further on,
use [F2] Record a Movie at the Game Setup Screen to start recording a
network play session.

Thanks to Hank Luenhart for printing the modem init strings in the DOOM FAQ
v5.5. I've incorporated them into DOOMLoad v2.0.

What's New in DOOMLoad v1.5

DOOMLoad v1.5 implements logging for network play (or even single player
games). It will create a file in your common network directory called
DOOM.LOG. In it will be a complete log of when games were played, what was
played and who played. It has only been tested on NetWare v4.01 and relies
on the USER environment setting to grab the name of the present user.

Also, v1.5 implements a password option for QuickNet play to disallow
unwanted players to join into your game.

DOOMLoad v1.4 now has limited mouse support if you have a mouse driver
loaded. It now allows for you to create your own movies and the ability to
play them back as well. Made some other changes. DOOMLoad does not clear the
screen when you finish playing or DOOM crashes. It displays the errors on
the screen and then asks for you to press any key to continue, at which
point, it will then return to DOOMLoad. Also made the QuickNet feature
a bit more stable and "intuitive" (???). I also got rid of the requirement
for the \DOOMDATA to exist in order for the program to work. It will check
if one exists and read the DEFAULT.CFG file from there. If that doesn't
exist, it will look for DEFAULT.CFG in the current directory. If that doesn't
exist, well, if won't display your information.

Check this documentation for more explanation about getting QuickNet to work.

(See "Revision History" and "Caveats and Other Bad Things")


DOOMLOAD is intended to be run instead of the SETUP program should you wish
to play multi-player or even single player games. For that matter, run this
program instead of DOOM and SETUP.

DOOMLOAD is intended to make setting up multi-player games easier as well as
making playing more fun for network users and single players by adding
a "Sudden Death" feature which plops you on a random level and episode,
allowing you to select which episode and mission you start on, allowing you
to record and playback your own movies, and otherwise, taking the pain out
of typing -DEVPARM commands at the commandline.


Well, DOOMLOAD is basically a command-line processor. My partners at work
found it a pain in the butt to try and synchronize our command lines when
we wanted to start on different levels. Also, we found ourselves arguing
about which level to play. "Sudden Death" takes care of this.


It is VERY similar to the SETUP program. It is displayed on an 80x50 display
due to the fact that I want all of the options on the screen and more are
to come in the next versions. Use the [UP] and [DOWN] arrow key to navigate
and press the [SPACE] bar to select the option you want.

At any time, you can press [F10] to run DOOM or you can press [F9] to load
the SETUP program. [ESC] quits you out of the program.

Function Key Features
* - Denotes works only with the Registered version of DOOM Properly.
$ - New to DOOMLoad v1.4 and v1.5
! - New to DOOMLoad v2.0

! [F1] Setup game for play (Main menu)

Access to the game setup screen. This is where you select your options
for gameplay.

! [F3] Wait for QuickNet Packet (Main menu)

Press this to wait for a QuickNet packet (Totally redone since v1.5)
(See QuickNet info below for more information)

! [F4] Wait for QuickModem Packet (Main Menu)

Press this to init your modem, turn it to answer mode, and wait for
the QuickModem Master to call you with the game play information.
MAKE SURE YOUR MODEM IS ON!!! (Otherwise, your system will lock up.)

! [F5] Set Common Directory (Main Menu)

This is where DOOMLoad will look for the QuickNet packet and write
out the DOOM.LOG file. (See QuickNet info below)

! [F6] Modem Init (Main Menu)

This is where you can experiment with the current modem init strings.
This IS the init string which is sent to your modem in order to
get DOOM talking.

! [F7] Hangup String (Main Menu)

This is the string which will hangup the modem. Not really required
due to DOOMLoad closing the Comport itself after it's finished.

! [F8] COM Device (Main Menu)

This is the name of your COM Port (Either COM1: or COM2:) Sorry, but
other COM ports are not supported (COM3:, COM4: etc...) nor does
this support odd IRQ's.

! [F9] Dialer String (Main Menu)

This is the command the QuickModem Master uses to dial the host.
Can be either ATDT or ATDP plus the phone number.

! [F10] Modem Init (Main Menu)

Test initialization with the current modem init string.

! [PgDn] & [PgUp] (Main Menu)

Page through the listings of available modems

! [#] Select modem for use (Main Menu)

Press the number 1-9 to choose the modem from the listing of available
modems on the current page.

! [Shift-#] Edit Modem (Main Menu)

Edit init string and modem description for the modem on the current

! [Insert] Add a modem to the list (Main Menu)

Add a new modem description and init string. This is appended to the
listing of modems and will appear last on the list.

! [CTRL-T] Toggle QuickNet/Modem packets (Gameplay setup menu)

Used in conjuction with Sudden Death play and Send info commands.
Press [CTRL-T] to toggle between sending either a QuickNet packet or
a QuickModem packet. Defaults to QuickNet packet.

QUICKNET (Revised on Feb.25.94)

It has come to my attention that certain users of DOOMLoad are experiencing
problems getting QuickNet to work properly. The following is a description
of how we use it and how you should set it up.


First of all. Everyone MUST be on a network in order for QuickNet to work
and they must all have access to a common network directory with read and
write priveledges. If you don't know what this means, contact your
network supervisor and get him to give you a list of directories which are
common to every user (Like F:\LOGIN\ maybe... Hehe! Won't they like that...)

It's quite simple really. There must be a directory on the network that
every user should have access to and should have read/write priveledge
to it. This is the directory that the common directory should point to.

The example I had in the last doc had some people actually entering G:\
and DOOMLoad just sat there waiting for a packet that would never arrive or
give errors because the directory did not exist.

Here's an example of how we might do a QuickNet setup with four players.

CMOO, the inside sales manager has access to F: G: H: I: J:
PCHI, in IS has access to F: G: H: I: J: K: L:
AMOO, the programmer has access to F: through Z:
CANT, in IS and sometimes programmer 🙂 has access to F: through Z:

The network administrator, and surpressor of DOOM, the evil DCAV would cow
if we wrote anything to F: as that is where the login and Netware stuff is
stored. G: Is a directory that we keep all of our applications and files on.
Users are free to use G: for their own use (Good candidate for the common
drive.) H:-J: are used for company information and Gupta/SQL databases
(N'est touche pas!) And not all people have access to drives K:-Z: Process
of elimination would lead us to choose G:\ for the common network directory.

Mind you, ask your network administrator if this is alright and that you
have the appropriate access to read and write to a directory on the network.


QuickNet is a feature where one person is the NetMaster and he sets up the
game. All other players just sit back and wait to recieve their info
packet so that they can play together.

In order for this feature to work, there are a few things you need to know.

! [F5] Set Common Directory (At main screen)

This is a path to a common network directory where DOOMLOAD can send
the information packet. The DOOMLOAD NetMaster sends the info packet
to that directory and then the other players will feed off the info
in order to set up their game.

TO WORK. Furthermore, all players must press [F5] to set up their
DOOMLOAD's to fetch the file from the common network directory.
This common directory is saved for future reference. You should only
have to set this up once.

! [F8] Send QuickNet/QuickModem Info (At game play setup menu)

You must choose one player to be the NetMaster. They set up the game
options on their DOOMLOAD and then press [F8] to send the Info packet
to the common directory where the other players will be waiting to
pick it up. ONLY ONE PLAYER CAN BE THE NETMASTER or else this feature
won't work and bad things might happen. (FileSharing violations...)

Once the game is set up, the NetMaster will press [F8] and his DOOM
will load, the other players should connect shortly thereafter.

If you are using the QuickModem option, it will dial the number in
your Modem Dialer and attempt to establish a connection.

! [F3] Read QuickNet Info (At main screen)

After you have set up your common directory and you are not the
NetMaster, just sit back and press [F7] to wait for the packet to
appear on the network drive. DOOM will then load for network play
shortly thereafter using the information that was provided in the

* [F4] Send SUDDEN DEATH QuickNet Info

This is a fun feature for all you seasoned DOOM veterans. The
NetMaster will set up the number of players, level of difficulty,
and the network socket and press [F4]. This will generate a
QuickNet Info Packet with a random Episode and Level. Couple this
with DeathMatch and it could plop you in the middle of alot of
trouble. This feature DOES NOT even let the NetMaster to see where
the players will be starting (So as not to give them an unfair

QuickNet Notes (VERY IMPORTANT!!!)

ALL PLAYERS must be running DOOMLOAD before the NetMaster sends out
the info packet. This is due to the fact that as DOOMLOAD loads, it
trashes the QuickNet Info Packet that is in the common network

Also. You DON'T HAVE to use QuickNet for Network play. You can still
do it manually by selecting the options. Just thought this might be
faster. Syncronize the options you want, then press [F10] to run
DOOM should you not wish to use QuickNet.

Other Functions

$ [CTRL-P] Set QuickNet Password

This feature was implemented to disallow unwanted players to
intercept a QuickNet game (Ie: my boss). I've found that sometimes
a person would be sitting and waiting for a packet to arrive that
was intended for another group of people. IE: I wanted to play with
AMOO, CMOO and CREI and PCHI would be sitting there waiting for a
packet, and he would get it instead of CREI (Whereby pissing us off
as well as CREI). To thwart this, you can specify a password and
tell it only to the people you want playing with you.

$ [F1] Record a movie

Creates an .LMP file of your session. Only saves it if you finish
the level. Do not include an extension. An .LMP extension is assumed.
After entering a filename, press ENTER to play the level. You can
press [ESC] should you not wish to record a movie.

!$ [F2] Playback a movie

Use the UP and DOWN arrow keys to select the movie you wish to play
and then press ENTER to view it. Press ESC should you not wish to
view a movie.

*NOTE* This should also work with QuickNet play. The QuickNet Master
should press [F2] should he wish to record the playing instead of
pressing [F8] to send the packet.

* [F3] SUDDEN DEATH Single Player

Plops the player on a random episode and level. Kinda fun, just like
the QuickNet function, the player doesn't know what level they're
going to start off on.

[F5] Random Network Socket

For those who hate deciding on a network socket to use, just press
this key and it will select a random number between 1 and 65000

* [F6] Random Episode/Level Select

This feature selects a random episode and level and updates the
information on the screen (Personally, I like the SUDDEN DEATH
but thought this might be interesting).

[F9] Run SETUP

Runs DOOM's SETUP program should you wish to reconfigure controls
or Sound support.

[F10] Run DOOM

Use this to execute either single player mode or network play DOOM.
You don't have to press F10 if you are using QuickNet or SUDDEN
DEATH single player mode.


COMMON.DRV Stores the name of the common network drive for QuickNet play
QUICKNET.DAT Located on the common network drive. Created by a NetMaster
for the players to read info from. Is deleted when you begin
a new game.
DEFAULT.CFG Created by DOOM. Must exist in the \DOOMDATA directory or
DOOMLOAD will not load!
DOOMLOAD.EXE MUST exist in your DOOM directory

Caveats and other bad things

We've noticed that sometimes, the COMMON.DRV file gets messed up and will
not point to the common network directory. If this happens, a message will
appear in the common directory area saying;

"Network Unavailable or Reconfigure"

Press TAB to set the common network directory and then press ENTER.
to take effect.

Also, sometimes DOOM will crash and in DOOMLoad v1.3, it cleared the screen
and said "Thank you for using DOOMLoad v1.3" This has been removed and now
the screen will clear and ask you to press any key so that you can view the

Revision History


Allowed for selecting your starting level


First implementation of QuickNet.

1.2 - First Public Release

Implemented SUDDEN DEATH for either single player or QuickNet play.

1.3 - Royal #@$%!-Up Release (About 4 hours after v1.2)

Fixed bug which didn't allow single players NOT on a network to use


Cosmetic changes. Bug testing. First implementation of movie playing
and recording. Does not clear the screen when you finish playing or
DOOM crashes (So that we can see what the error is). Goes back into
DOOMLoad when you finish playing. Limited mouse support. Better
error handling of QuickNet Problems.

1.4 - Public Release (January.21.1994)

See v1.3X but bugs have been fixed and movie playing/recording works.


First implementation of Logging. Yuck! Overwrote the log file every
time someone would play! Started testing the password feature.
(Was needed due to whinny bosses who wanted to play in our games and
screwed up the QuickNet packets by intercepting someone elses...
For some real fun, try SET USER=PCHI and run Doomload and see what



I'd like to send my personal thanks to Jay Wilbur for being ever so helpful
in providing me with press releases so I can satiate my customers lust for
knowledge on DOOM, as well as putting up with my lust for knowledge
regarding the game's release. You've spearheaded a great project and I hope
you all at ID software reap the benefits of your excellent work. DOOM is by
far, the best game I have ever played (The only thing missing is a VR helmet
and gloves).

I'd also like to thank my cohorts at work here at SoftChoice.
Chris Moore, Andrew McKenzie, Andrew Moore, "Reign"-Man, Phil
Childerhose and Rob Kausner for their help in beta testing this product and
providing an outlet for venting my frustration via DEATHMATCH.

Also, thanks to the author of DOOM FAQ v5.0, Hank Leukark for whom without,
this program could not be made.

Contacting the Author

I can be reached on Software creations as Christian Antkow. In Canada,
I am on Canada Remote Systems - Internet address;

[email protected]

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