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Doom Network Menu System
Version 2.0, Mar 2 1994
Copyright 1994, Jason Sandlin
All Rights Reserved

**** What is DooMenu:

DooMenu is a utility which will allow IPX network, modem, and
null-modem play quickly and easily thru a menu which is far better
than the one packaged with Doom. DooMenu allows you to choose
coorperative, or deathmatch with respawn or no monsters on or off, it
can load a save game, or use an external WAD file. It will ask you
for the skill, episode, episode map, number to dial, and weather to
disable call waiting. It can store up to 9 different default friends
for speed dialing. It is very quick and does a lot more than the
Doom setup does. The Doom setup does not support -nomonsters,
-devparm -wart epi lev, -respawn, -file, or call waiting. DooMenu
does this and more.

**** How to Start:

1) Edit the doomenu.bat.
a) Add your network type to the 'SET DOOMTYPE=' line.
b) Add your com port to the 'SET DOOMCOM=' line.
c) Add your ipx port to the 'SET DOOMIPX=' line.
d) Add your call waiting status to the 'SET DOOMCALL=' line.
e) Add any phone numbers you call often to it on the 'SET CALLER1='
and 'SET NUMBER1=' lines.

*NOTE* Edit doomenu.bat for a full explaination of all parameters.
If you do not have IPX port or com port leave it blank.


set doomtype=1
set doomcom=2
set doomipx=
set doomcall=2
set caller1=Joe Doe
set number1=555-5555
set caller2=Mary Bob
set number2=1-900-555-5555
set caller3=
set number3=
set caller4=
set number4=

This will set use the 9600 modem, set the default comport to 2, add
*70 to all numbers dialed and assign names and numbers to only 2
slots. This is quite acceptable. When DooMenu loads up it will ask
you to dial Mary Bob, or Joe Doe, or a another number. Select Mary
Bob and it will call 1-900-555-5555.

The DOOMTYPE can be 3 numbers. 1 if you want to always use 9600
modem, 2 if you want to always use nul-modem, 3 if you want to always
use IPX network.

The DOOMCALL can be 2 numbers. 1 if you want never add *70, 2 if you
want to ALWAYS add *70, or leave it blank if you want to choose every

After you have configured doomenu.bat, all you need to do is to type DOOMENU
and it will load up and ask you a series of questions. Answer them and
eventully it will load up sersetup.exe and start calling or answering.

**** How do pay tribute to this great shareware author?

The very least you can do if you have internet access is just to
leave me a message expessing your opinion of DooMenu.

If you want, please feel free to send $1 to $2 to

Jason Sandlin
35 Woodland Drive
Downingtown, Pa 19335-1720

By registering you can receive, if you wish, the source to
the latest copy of DooMenu (internet access req.) Thanks for your support.

Internet E-Mail Address: [email protected]
Don't bother emailing me after 10/94, the account will not be

If you find any errors or have any suggestions get in touch.

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