Category : The game DOOM - Wad files were custom maps
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Filename : DMADDS.TXT

Output of file : DMADDS.TXT contained in archive : ALIEN101.ZIP

DooM ADD Sprites - Version 1.0beta


DMADDS is a tool to allow for sprite graphic replacement
and replacement distribution by means of PWAD files.
Up to now, this is possible only if *all* sprites are
included in one WAD file, wether IWAD or PWAD.


You should find 5 files in the archive:

dmadds.exe:: created with DJGPP 2.5.7, COFF2EXE,
GO32 already merged in

dmadds32.exe:: same, will run only with GO32.EXE
installed properly

empty_s.wad:: an empty sprites replacement PWAD
ghosts.wad:: a simple demo replacement PWAD
dmadds.txt:: this short readme file

How to create a PWAD sprite distribution file

Step 1: Make a copy of empty_s.wad. Do not change the
original file, you'll need it again if
you want to create other sprite PWAD files.

"> copy empty_s.wad my_graph.wad"

You may load "graphics.wad" with

">doom -file my_graph.wad",

but unless you are able to play DOOM with
eyes close, this won't make much sense....

Step 2: add all the sprites you want to distribute
using the excellent dmgraph1.1.

">dmgraph (graphic) -s (file) -f my_graph.wad"

Now all your sprites are included in "my_graph.wad",
and if you load it with ">doom -file my_graph.wad",
you'll be able to check if everythings works out.
Of course, all the sprites you haven't replaced are
still missing.

Step 3: distribute your "my_graph.wad". If you want to,
include this package with it to ensure that
others are able to use the PWAD.

How to use a PWAD sprite distribution file

Step A: Make sure that "dmadds.exe", the "doom.wad" and
the "my_graph.wad" are in the same directory.
Note that "dmadds.exe" will only work with the
"doom.wad" of the registered DOOM 1.2. Make sure
that there are at least 2.5 MB disk space left.

Stpe B: Use "dmadds.exe" to combine "my_graph.wad" with
the sprites from "doom.wad"

">dmadds my_graph.wad complete.wad"

This will take merely a minute or two on a
486DX/66 with VLB hard disk controller, but
it may be a lot slower on other machines.

Step C: After dmadds has finished, the should be a
"complete.wad" PWAD file with approx 2.2 MB
or less, depending on the replacements. Use it

">doom -file complete.wad"

How to use the example

The file "ghosts.wad" is a very simple replacements
sprite distribution PWAD file. If you want to be sure
this works out, use it as described above (Step A,B,C)
as the "my_graph" file.

I don't know if it's fun, but you'll get an impression
how much of a level you remember, and it makes "deaf"
guards a lot more dangerous. Increases the amount of
ammo needed as well...


Note that "dmadds.exe" WILL NOT CHANGE "DOOM.WAD"!

The obvious disadvantage is to file size of the completed
PWAD. If the speed of "dmadds" is sufficient, delete the
complete PWAD files, if you don't need them, and
re-create them from the distribution PWAD again, so
the 2.2 MB are only used if actually needed.

In addition, if you are already using a GO32.EXE, you
may use the much smaller "dmadds32.exe" instead of
"dmadds.exe", in which the 70KB "go32.exe" is already
merged in.

No Warranty

Imagine the usual disclaimer. "dmadds" is a quick'n'dirty
port of a UNIX tool, and I had to do a lot of changes to
get rid of some overhead. It will work only with PWAD files
which include ONLY sprites, created from "empty_s.wad"
as described above. If you want to add sounds or
other resources, you should put them in another PWAD.

[email protected] LEFT BLANK ...

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Archive   : ALIEN101.ZIP
Filename : DMADDS.TXT

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