Dec 092017
Alien DOOM --- GREAT pwad with new sounds/creatures.
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Alien DOOM — GREAT pwad with new sounds/creatures.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
A3DS.TXT 1343 711 deflated
ALIEN.TXT 5137 2480 deflated
ALIENGFX.WAD 918074 388486 deflated
ALIENLEV.WAD 1345045 436307 deflated
ALIENMNU.BAT 15 15 stored
ALIENSND.WAD 591718 476639 deflated
DMADDS.EXE 97792 49531 deflated
DMADDS.TXT 4142 1719 deflated
DOOM.MNU 622 266 deflated
MENU.EXE 41534 21338 deflated
TPCREAD.ME 199 165 deflated

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Contents of the A3DS.TXT file

All the .3ds models are available either for sale or trade. I am not giving
these away due to the time I spent on them... but the Barney, Energizer
Bunny, and Dalek meshes will all be available at

As far as the prices for the aliens meshes, I think these prices are fair
considering that elsewhere, you can buy about 5 mediocre meshes for upwards
of $300.

hugger: $0 ok, this one was a no brainer, I'll send it to avalon
loader: $5 less of a no brainer, but it was still pretty easy
xenomorph: $10
queen alien: $12 she was a bitch to model 😉

All the meshes will of course include all the needed texture maps, and can
either be in .3ds, .prj, or .dxf format. As far as trading, I would be most
willing to trade for human bodies other than messy ones like 50pman.
I would also be willing to trade for neat looking texture maps, especially
fire flics.

For those who have no idea what a .3ds file or a mesh is... these are objects
for 3D-Studio, a program which I am NOT distributing. This has been a pretty
popular misconception... if you are interested in 3d modeling and rendering
on $0 budget get POV-ray, it's an excellent program.

If you are interested mail me at:

David Lobser
[email protected]

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