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XAM - Revision History

Copyright 1988-1993
Jim Hamby

The latest version of XAM can always be found on:

The Comp-U-Type BBS
(410) 761-1292

03/04/93 1.04 Removed leftover debugging code for BIOS detection, would
print strange characters during output on some PCs
Added detection of Diamond Steath 24 Graphics Card
Added detection of Diamond Stealth VRAM Graphics Card
Added support for new UMC based VL-Bus Bios
Added detection of Quarterdeck QDPMI DPMI Host
Changed Hard Disk size calculation method to fix with
drives over 600 Meg.
Changed Hard drive letter designation to drive number
Added detection of AT&T 24-bit RAMDAC on ET4000 boards
Recompiled XAM with Borland Pascal 7.0

08/04/92 1.03 Added detection of LANtastic Local Area Network, and
version. Should also detect Microsoft Netbios based
Added detection of new VLSI chipset signature
Added detection of new Sierra HiColor DAC on ET4000 boards

05/23/92 1.02 Added support for Video 7 VGA cards (including
video RAM size!)
Rewrote detection of ATI Cards. Should also detect
ATI VGA cards with HiColor DAC
Added detection of new Forex Chipset signature in
Verified Microchannel bus detection!
Modified C&T Scat and VLSI Scamp detection routines
Fixed Ultrastor 12F detection

03/25/92 1.01 Added support for lowercase commandline switches
Rearranged output slightly to take fewer lines
on screen

03/22/92 1.00 Release: Minor corrections and rearrangements
over the last 0.50 beta version.
No beta versions were ever released to the

02/92 0.50b Added: Detection of QEMM-386 and version
DESQview and version
386MAX and version (untested)
QMAPS (untested)
Memory Commander (untested)
Sierra HiColor DAC w/ET4000 VGA
Floppy Disk Drives installed
Iomega/Bernoulli ISA PC2B50 Controller
ISA or Microchannel Bus (untested)
Suntac Chipset
Extended Memory
Mouse, # of buttons
Hard Drive parameters

0.43b Added: Detection of Renaissance RVGA II VGA Card
Detection of Seagate ST01/02 BIOS 2.00

0.42b Added: Detection of Headland Technology chipset
Detection of Compaq ROM BIOS and VGA BIOS
(at least on Deskpro 386/20e)
Detection of Future Domain SCSI at CE00

01/92 0.41b Changed: Eliminated RAM scanning for Memory Managers since
this was both slow and inaccurate. Once I figure
out the proper way to determine this it will be
added in the future
Added: Support for determining the presence of MSCDEX and
the number of CD-ROM drives attached.
Support for Parallel port at 3BC (Address for
parallel port on mono cards)

12/91 0.40b Changed: /VDUMP and intermediate /HDUMP parameters to
/DUMP. User can the specify what segment to dump.
Results are stored in a file called BIOSDUMP.XAM

11/91 0.35b Added: /VDUMP parameter. Dumps first 512 bytes of the
video ROM to a file called VIDDUMP.XAM
Changed: Oak VGA chip names to correct part numbers
Trident 8900 recongition also recognizes 9000 BIOS;
changed message to indicate either chip

0.34b Changed: XAM is now compiled with Turbo Pascal 6.0,
rather than 5.5. This resulted in increased
execution speed, and smaller .EXE size.
Added: VLSI SCAMP Chipset detection

10/91 0.33b Added: C&T SCAT Chipset detection with 5/5/91 AMI BIOS
Ahead Super VGA Chipset Detection
Changed: Seagate SCSI ROM Detection routine to cause less
false notifications

0.32b Added: Acer Chipset Detection with VIP 286 Mbd w/AMI
Forex Chipset Detection with 386DX Mbd W/AMI
OPTi Detection on ARMAS motherboard w/AMI
UMC 386SX Chipset Detection w/AMI

09/91 0.31b Added: OPTi Chipset Detection with new release of AMI
BIOS (05/05/91)
PSI hyperSTORE easyCACHE 400 IDE Controller

0.30b Added: Trident 8900C SuperVGA Detection
Fixed: Hard Drive BIOS Checking Routine - NUMHD was
always 0 when routine was called, so no checking
was performed.

0.26b Added: /NOHD Switch (mainly for crashed drives &
Weltec PHDs)
ETEQ Chipset detection w/new AMI/ETEQ/486 BIOS
Changed: Skips Video BIOS checking if adaptor is Mono or CGA
Ships Hard Drive BIOS checking if there is no HD
(makes sense, huh?)

08/91 0.25b Added: Video Adaptor (Mono, CGA, EGA/VGA) detection
based upon PC's equipment ID byte

0.24b Changed: Changed Coprocessor detection method. Should
work properly in all instances.

0.23b Changed: Now displays 'None' if no I/O Ports are found
Added: AMI/SCAT Combo for BIOSTAR motherboards

0.22b Added: Math Coprocessor Detection - finally!
Changed: Chipset reporting method, BIOS date reporting
to accomodate Sanyo's non-standard way of
listing the month and year
Removed: 2 now unused sections of code, reducing
overhead slightly.

0.20b Added: MR BIOS Detection w/ETEQ/486 combination
Changed: I/O port detection routine. Now correctly
identifies ports if any are out of sequence
(e.g. COM1, COM2, COM4 installed, but no COM3)
Several HD Controller Detections, as the MR BIOS
had matching code
Took out many messages that would appear on the
screen left over from when the program was ROM.

0.12b Changed: Messages from Hard Drive Detection routine
Available RAM does not include XAM overhead
Added: Number of physical drives
Total amount of DOS RAM displayed

07/91 0.11b Added: 386Max EMS detection
ATI VGA Wonder V60 bios
I/O port detection (Parallel & Serial)
Texas Instruments Tiger Chipset
Messages telling user that RAM is being scanned
and HD capacities are being calculated
Changed: re-organized procedures for clarity

3.20 Added: ATI VGA Wonder V5M bios
Changed: Compiler directives to reduce RAM requirements
by 40K

6/91 3.19 Fixed: AMI BIOS date routine
Added: OPTi Chipset, STB PowerGraph VGA, Paradise EGA,
Phoenix BIOS in Packard Bell PB286, Seagate ST11,
DTC 3280A Hard Disk Controllers
Changed: Seagate SCSI routine to prevent PB286 from
reporting a SCSI card. PB286 apparently uses
that memory area for 'trash' data

ROM 3.18 Streamlined code for 18% smaller .EXE file
Even though the version number was only increased .01,
this was a major cleanup, since I changed virtually the
entire group of BIOS checks
3.17 Cleaned up signature checking
Added: Motherboard chipset detection when chipset type is
listed in the BIOS
3.16 Added: C&T 286 BIOS and Phoenix 286 BIOS
3.15 Added: Video card BIOS detection
3.14 Added: HD controller BIOS detection - currently only
detects Seagate ST01 & ST02 SCSI adaptors
Started Revision History

Detected BIOS Chips

Computers BIOS/Version/Date

Sanyo MBC-675/775/885/16Plus 1.01, 1.02, 1.12, 1.16, 2.01,
2.10, 2.22, 2.26, 2.33
Sanyo MBC-550/555 (only 1 ROM version)
Sanyo MBC-990 1.10, 1.20(US)#, 1.45(US), 1.45(US)
Sanyo MBC-16EX 1.00
Sanyo MBC-16LT 1.03
Sanyo MBC-17Plus 1.11(US), 2.00(US)
Sanyo MBC-18Plus 1.04(US)
Corona 3.10
Commodore PC-10 (Phoenix) 2.03
BIOS Model G (Phoenix) 2.52
Blue Chip PC (Falcon) 1.09d
Vendex Turbo 888-XT (Phoenix) 2.03A
Phoenix (some 8MHz XT Clones) 2.27B
Award 2.05
DTK/ERSO XT BIOS 2.38, 2.39
Leading Edge Model D (Phoenix) 3.00
Tandy 1000 01.01.00
IBM PC 10/27/82
DeltaGold Elite 4.02
DeltaGold Prestige (Award) 3.01A
DeltaGold Premier (Award) 1.01
DeltaGold Elite II (AMI) (only 1 ROM)
Comp-U-Type Hyper 486i/33 Award 3.10
Comp-U-Type Hyper 386SX Award 3.12
All PCs with AMI 286/386 BIOS 04/09/90, 06/12/90, 08/30/90
02/02/91, 03/08/91, 05/05/91
12/12/91, 06/06/92
Twinhead (Phoenix 286 BIOS) 3.10 03
Packard Bell PB286VT (Phoenix) 3.07 Release 1.2A

Video Cards
Monochrome, CGA, EGA/VGA Based on equipment ID byte

Specific Cards
Ahead 5000 Eastern SVGA
ATI VGA Wonder VGA1024, V5M-1.00
VGA1024, V60-1.00
Diamond Stealth 24
Diamond Stealth VRAM
Everex EGA Card
Oak 037 VGA Card
Oak 067 VGA Card
Paradise EGA Card
Renaissance GRX RVGAI
STB PowerGraph VGA
Trident 8900C OEM Models
Trident 9000 AAmazing 500, other models
Tseng Labs ET4000 OEM VGA 2-the-Max VGA-4000
VGA Mentor
Diamond SpeedStar Plus
USI Ultra HiColor
VGA Master
Tseng Labs ET4000 with Sierra (32K color, 65K color)

Tseng Labs ET4000 with AT&T (16.7M color)
24-bit RAMDAC

Video 7 Includes OEM Models,
also reports video RAM size
Western Digital/Paradise VGA Numerous OEM Models,
including WD90C00,
WD90C11, & WD90C30 chips

Controller Cards
DTC 3280A SCSI Adaptor
DTC 6282-24 ESDI Controller
Future Domain SCSI Adaptor
Iomega Bernoulli Controller Card PC2B50
Seagate ST01, ST02 3.2.0, 3.0.0, 2.00
Seagate ST11 XT
Seagate ST21/22 16-bit MFM
Ultrastor 12F
Western Digital 1007V ESDI Controller

Acer M1207
Chips & Technologies 8221, 386, NEAT, PEAK, SCAT
DFI Concorde-V
Elite Microelectronics 88C311
ETEQ 82C491
Forex 36C100
Headland Technology HT18/B
Intel SX Chipset 82335, 82343
Opti Chipset 386 and 486
Suntac 386SX Chipset
Texas Intstruments Tiger
Universal Microelectronics 386SX Chipset
VLSI SX Chipset Same as Intel 82343

NOTE: Intel & VLSI chipsets from late '91 on are identical,
Morse re-labels Headland Technology chipsets
micro-IC chipset is identical to Opti

It is important to remember that the chipset determination is made
by a matching BIOS signature, not by an interrupt or function call. I
selected this method over the programming route simply because I could
find no printed information on determining the base level hardware of
a PC.

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