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Virus Central is distributed as share-ware; you are granted a
limited license to use the program for a trial period (about
three weeks) to determine if Virus Central is combatible and
suitable for your purposes. Registration of the software is
required if used beyond the trial period.

To register, print-out and fill-in the registration form, and
send it, along with a (US)$25.00 registration fee, to:

Alejandro L. Abello
2937 Sherwood Drive
San Carlos, CA. 94070

Please read the "Licensing Agreement" carefully, as registration
assumes that you have agreed to abide by it. All applications
for registration received without a completed registration form
will be returned.

The registration form only covers single user copies of the
program for registration in the USA. Site licensing for 10 or
more computers can be negotiated. Registration of the program
outside the USA is possible, but the terms and conditions in the
Registration Form have been modified. For more information,
contact me at (415) 369-1811.

Please bear in mind that registration for Virus Central DOES NOT
include the VirusScan and CleanUp programs, by McAfee
Associates. If you have not yet done so, you are strongly
encouraged to register your copies of these programs. Refer to
the documentation and registration form accompanying the
VirusScan and CleanUp programs for more information.
(Please send in the entire form)

Registration Applicant Information

Name : _______________________________________________

Address : _______________________________________________


City/State/Zip : _______________________________________________

Home Phone : _______________________________________________

Office Phone : _______________________________________________

Which Version? : ____ CGA ____ EGA ____ LITE (Check one only)


Single-User Licensing Agreement

Registration for Virus Central requires that you, the
Registration Applicant, agree to abide by the following terms
and conditions:

1. Single-user registration covers the use of one (1) copy of
Virus Central for a period of one (1) year, beginning on the
date the registration is processed. Registration may be
renewed yearly for a registration fee of US$15.00/year.

2. Registered Users of Virus Central will receive a 5.25 inch
DSDD disk containing the program and a printable file of the
User's Manual (without the share-ware notices), and are
licensed to use the program/manual on one (1) computer. If
the disk is found to be defective within thirty (30) days of
receipt, it shall be replaced.

3. The Registered User's copy of the Virus Central program and
the User's Manual are not share-ware; users are permitted to
make backup copies of the disk for archival purposes, but may
not give them away or sell them.

4. During the registration period, Registered Users will
receive new releases of Virus Central, and all its
accompanying files, by mail.

5. Customer support for the program will be provided; that is,
the Registered User may contact the Author if Virus Central
fails to or incorrectly performs a function or feature as
described in the User's Manual.
6. The Author retains all rights to the Virus Central program,
the User's Manual, and all its accompanying files. In
addition, the Author reserves the right to reject an
application for registration.

7. The Registered User agrees to conscientiously respect the
copyright of the Author of Virus Central, and not to
illegally, unethically, or neglectfully exploit the services
provided by the Author.

8. The Virus Central program is provided "AS IS" and without
warranties as to performance of merchantibility and any other
warranties, expressed or implied. With the exception of the
share-ware notices in the Virus Central program and User's
Manual, the share-ware copy and Registered User's copy of
Virus Central and the User's Manual are virtually identical.
The Author assumes that the Registration Applicant has
thoroughly tested the share-ware copy of Virus Central on
his/her computer and has determined the compatibility and
suitability of the program to his/her purposes.

9. Registered User's must assume the entire risk of using Virus
Central. Any liability of the Author will be limited
exclusively to the replacement of defective disks. In no
event will the Author be liable for any damages, including
any lost profits, lost savings or other incidental or
consequential damages arising out of the use or inability to
use the program.

The terms and conditions above shall be construed, interpreted,
and governed by the laws of the state of California.

Alejandro L. Abello
Author, Virus Central Program and User's Manual


Please send the entire completed form, along with a (US)$25.00
registration fee, to:

Alejandro L. Abello
2937 Sherwood Drive
San Carlos, CA. 94070

I, the Registration Applicant, have thoroughly tested the
share-ware copy of Virus Central, and agree to abide by the
provisions of the above Single-User Licensing Agreement.

____________________________________________ __________________

*** THANK YOU! ***

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Archive   : VC300EGA.ZIP

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