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Virus Central v3.00

* The following files are on the Virus Central distribution

CENTRAL.EXE - Virus Central executable program
CENTRAL.CFG - configuration file
CENTRAL.DOC - Virus Central user's manual
UPDATE.EXE - Virus List Update Utility
UPDATE.DOC - documentation for UPDATE.EXE
REGISTER.DOC - registration information form (share-ware
version only)
README.1ST - late breaking news! (this file)

* Some portions of the Virus Central user's manual use the
IBM extended characters. Be aware of this if the printout of
the manual looks funny.

* The virus list contains the viruses that apply to CleanUp 80.
If a newer version of the CleanUp program is released, you may
add on the newer viruses to this list. Whenever new versions
of Virus Central will be released, the virus list will be
amended to reflect the most current version of CleanUp.

* You may use the VALIDATE.COM program (included with your copy
of ViruScan and/or CleanUp) to test the integrity of Virus
Central. Take note that the share-ware and registered user's
versions of the program yield different results, because of
the share-ware notice on the latter.

Here are the validation results of the share-ware and
registered user's versions of Virus Central:

CGA version Share-ware Registered
File Name..........: CENTRAL.EXE CENTRAL.EXE
Size...............: 92,869 90,894
Date...............: 7-20-1991 7-20-1991
File Authentication
Check Method 1: A71A F4CF
Check Method 2: 01A4 033D

EGA version Share-ware Registered
File Name..........: CENTRAL.EXE CENTRAL.EXE
Size...............: 109,272 107,387
Date...............: 7-20-1991 7-20-1991
File Authentication
Check Method 1: 48BF 545B
Check Method 2: 19AC 1E00

LITE version Share-ware Registered
File Name..........: CENTRAL.EXE CENTRAL.EXE
Size...............: 80,278 78,439
Date...............: 7-20-1991 7-20-1991
File Authentication
Check Method 1: BEB1 0432
Check Method 2: 1DE4 0530

** Release Notes / Bug Fixes **

As can be expected with ANY program, particularly the first
releases, there will ALWAYS be bugs. Virus Central is no
exception. MANY bugs have been reported since Virus Central
1.00, and I have found a few, myself. As the program is further
developed and bugs are ironed out, the version numbers will
increase. I have decided to do away with my earlier practice of
attaching letters to the version numbers of new releases since
it causes confusion. I will, instead, adjust the version number
to reflect the magnitude of modification.

Virus Central Release Notes:
(Release notes are from the most recent - backwards. Outdated
notes have been shortened or removed)


This release marks a first in Virus Central's short history; a
revision made to the program that was first approved by its
registered user base. Registered users were sent vote forms and
asked to approve the replacement of "Clean drive ..." Quick-Keys
with the more powerful "Scan drive ..." Quick-Keys. Well, the
overwhelming majority approved the change, so goodbye "Clean"
keys! You can now set up to four "Scan" Quick-Keys, which is
really more powerful since you usually scan the disk and rely on
Central's Clean Up sequence to do the dirty work. Chances are,
the "Clean" Quick-Keys will not even be missed.

Another interesting change, that should be welcome to a lot of
you, is that Virus Central now supports NetScan. Before you go
looking on the screen for another menu, let me warn you that
there isn't one; the old "Virus Scan" Menu has been renamed to
"Virus/Net Scan" menu, as both ViruScan and NetScan are accessed
from this menu. This "shared" menu approach minimizes clutter on
the screen and improves program efficiency.

The last, but certainly not the least, revision to the program
is the addition of an "Auto Scan" mode. The Auto Scan mode makes
it possible to specify a list of disk drives for Virus Central
to scan immediately after execution. You can even make Central
automatically return to DOS after it completes scanning (and
disinfecting, if necessary) these disk drives. This feature
makes it easy to launch the program from a batch file, possibly
from the AUTOEXEC.BAT file.

The remaining changes to the program were very minor bug fixes.
Since not too many people called in to complain about them, I
figure not too many people noticed.

-Over 60% of Virus Central source code was modified.
-Configuration file format was radically revised from the slow
text file format to the much quicker random access file format.
-The virus list limit was increased from 300 viruses to 16,000.
-The alleged "bug" with v2.00 UPDATE utility was fixed.
-Virus Central I made its debut in U.S. share-ware as Virus
Central LITE.


-Initiated the use of overlays in program code to maximize the
use of available memory.
-Added a provision to allow the program to work if users
arbitrarily changed the file names of ViruScan, CleanUp, and
Virus Central itself.
-Added the "Information" option in the main menu, which displays
specific details about a selected virus.
-Added a feature to "lock" main menu options that may be used to
tamper with the program's configuration.
-Overhauled program's text output routines, as many users called
in with compatibility problems.
-Modified the UPDATE utility to accomodate the newer
configuration file format.


-Added support for ViruScan and CleanUp 71's newer command line
-Improved, as in speeded-up, Virus Central EGA's screen output.


v1.30 (11/25/90)
-The debut of Virus Central EGA and the Virus List Update
-The command line switches, /EGARAM, /EMSRAM, and /SWAPFILE,
were added.
-The minimum number of required viruses in the configuration
file was increased from 20 to 30.


v1.24 (11/05/90)
-Corrected bug that messed up string input on the "File path to
scan" field of the Virus Scan menu.
-Changed program title in the upper left corner of the black box
from "Virus Central ][" to "Virus Central CGA" (an omen of the
Virus Central to come).

-Fixed bug (well, sort of a bug) that caused DOS clock to
-Modified program and configuration file format to support new
features of ViruScan 67, and updated virus list.
-Added option that would disable the screen saver from
automatically kicking in.
-Corrected misspellings of "VirusScan."
-Added openning screen, displaying Virus Central trade mark.


v1.03 (08/17/90)
-Fixed bug in string input routine
-Virus list updated for ViruScan/CleanUp 66.


v1.00B (08/08/90)
-Incorporated "/IGNORE" switch to get around Virus Central's
problems detecting DOS 4.01 and VGA graphics.


v1.00A (08/02/90)
-Unsuccessfully tried to correct detection of DOS 4.01.

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