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Output of file : APPNOTES.DOC contained in archive : TBAV630.ZIP

TBAV has been designed to provide good performance, reliability and
compatibility. In most cases the TBAV utilities will work as expected.
However, in combination with some other applications, problems may
occur if no special measures are taken. These applications are listed

Some memory optimizers, like MemMax, MemMaker and Optimize, will
not work properly if used in combination with the resident TBAV
utilities. The resident TBAV utilities can act as device drivers
as well as normal executables, depending on the way they are
loaded, and this confuses some memory optimizers. The TBAV
utilities also hook themselves into DOS for better virus
protection, and they can not be moved in memory once loaded. Any
attempt to do so will hang the machine.
Remove the TBAV utilities from the AutoExec.Bat file and/or
Config.Sys file and run the memory optimizer. Add the TBAV
utilities again to the AutoExec.Bat and Config.Sys file, and
highload them if desired.

The /X switch of the DOS APPEND command is very dangerous: if
you APPEND a directory with /X and then delete *.BAK when no
such files exist in the current directory, then the .BAK files
in the APPENDed directory will be deleted instead. APPEND is
able to 'fool' programs by accessing another file than the file
requested by the application, if a file with the same name
exists in another directory. This also applies when one of the
TBAV utilities needs to consult an Anti-Vir.Dat file: The
Anti-Vir.Dat file of another directory might be accessed instead
of the intended one.
TbSetup and TbScan switch off APPEND automatically if they
detect that it has been loaded, but the resident TBAV
utilities don't. It is therefore recommended to be very
careful if you need to use the APPEND /X option and to
switch it off as soon as you don't need it anymore.

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Archive   : TBAV630.ZIP

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