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A program which monitors your system performance and reports any problems occurring.
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A program which monitors your system performance and reports any problems occurring.
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Contents of the ASP_ASAD.DOC file

Rosenthal Engineering
P.O. Box 1650
San Luis Obispo, CA USA 93401

Phone (805) 541-0910 (voice)

* * * Rosenthal WINLITE (tm) * * *
Compress MS Windows Programs

Rosenthal WINLITE compresses MS-Windows programs, dramaticaly reduceing
the size, saving disk space, LAN overhead and discouraging reverse
engineering. Rosenthal WINLITE compressed programs are functionaly
identical to the originals, only smaller. For example, consider the
180k "Solitair" game program supplied with MS-Windows 3.1 which
compresses using Rosenthal WINLITE to only 77k (77k / 180k = 43% of
original size). Rosenthal WINLITE inputs a big program... and outputs a
small one. (WINLITE#).

* * * Virus Simulator from Rosenthal Engineering * * *
Safely Validate Your Anti-Virus Protection

Virus Simulator, selected as one of the years best programs in "PC
Magazines Guide to Shareware", was employed as a standard of comparison
for all anti-virus products reviewed by "Software Digest", "PC Digest"
and "LAN Reporter" with independent tests conducted by the "National
Software Testing Laboratories". (VIRSIM##)

"Unreservedly recommended!" by "Computer Virus Developments Quarterly",
to test anti-virus measures or demonstrate how they work.

Additional articles appearing in "Computerworld", "Telecomputing",
"Virus Bulletin" and "Virus News International", among others, make
this latest version of Virus Simulator an absolute necessity, for
anyone seriously interested in defending against viruses. Government
agencies, business, security consultants, law enforcement, institutions
and system administrators, employ Virus Simulator when conducting
internal security audits and training.

* * * Disk Drive Cleaner from Rosenthal Engineering * * *

Safely and effectively removes debris from the delicate
read/write heads of floppy disk drives. Prevents data loss,
unreliable performance and errors often traced to microscopic
foreign particles, dirt, dust, oxides and smoke that accumulates on
the floppy disk drive heads. Preventative maintenance takes less
than four minutes with support for standard diskette drives as well
as commercial automatic mass disk duplicators. "Disk Drive Cleaner"
may be run without a special cleaning disk for demonstration and
evaluation. (CLEANER#)

* * * System Monitor from Rosenthal Engineering * * *

Monitors and reports problems early, maintains performance
resolves hardware/software and MS Windows conflicts. Strong virus
defense, with support for single & LAN users. Each time the computer
is used, System Monitor re-evaluates the system by testing and
extensively monitoring a number of performance and security
indicators. (SYSMON##)

* * * Master Disk from Rosenthal Engineering * * *

Master Disk from Rosenthal Engineering prepares floppy diskettes used
as masters for software duplication and distribution. Software
duplicated from Master Disk prepared originals is more reliable and
resistant to virus contamination. Master Disk examines the diskette and
drive for flaws and errors, and verifies the quality and integrity as
being suitable for use as the original master, fills unused sectors and
boot tracks with special security code. Documentation includes
extensive anti-virus test data using the comprehensive Rosenthal
Engineering virus sample collection. (MASTER##)

Association of Shareware Authors and Distributors (ASAD)

Rosenthal Engineering is a member of the Association of Shareware
Authors and Distributors and as such has met their demands for
professional programming. Any problems of a shareware nature
that can not be resolved either by the source of the program or
the author (whichever is applicable) may be brought to the
attention of the ASAD Ombudsman for possible correction. Please
send all information, including the name and address of the
person or company you received the program from to: ASAD, Attn:
Ombudsman, 1323 Garfield Ave., Springfield, Ohio 45504.

____|__ | (R)
--| | |-------------------
| ____|__ | Association of
| | |_| Shareware
|__| o | Professionals
-----| | |---------------------
|___|___| MEMBER

Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP)

Rosenthal Engineering is a member of the Association of Shareware
Professionals (ASP). ASP wants to make sure that the shareware
principle works for you. If you are unable to resolve a
shareware-related problem with an ASP member by contacting the
member directly, ASP may be able to help. The ASP Ombudsman can
help you resolve a dispute or problem with an ASP member, but
does not provide technical support for members' products. Please
write to The ASP Ombudsman, at 545 Grover Road, Muskegon, MI
49442, or send a CompuServe message via CompuServe Mail to: ASP
Ombudsman 70007,3536.

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