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SSTAT - Quick & Tiny System Status

February, 1992

SSTAT and this document, Copyright 1990, Sydex. All rights
reserved. See licensing terms at the end of this document.

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Eugene, OR 97405
Voice: (503) 683-6033
FAX: (503) 683-1622
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SSTAT is a program that summarizes memory and disk drive
utilization. It is very small--about 2K, but we've found it to
be indispensable.

If the command:


is entered at the DOS prompt, a report is given of the utiliza-
tion of all three types of memory (base, extended and
expanded) and of all non-removable disks (hard disks and RAM).
The report is enclosed in a nice-looking box, large numbers
have commas inserted, and percentages relative to the overall
size of disk or memory are given.

If the command:


is given, the display described above is preceded by a brief

summary of the physical characteristics of all hard drives,
including total sectors, sectors per track, tracks per cylinders
and number of cylinders. These numbers are obtained by means of
BIOS calls, and so reflect the values reported by the BIOS

If the command:

SSTAT drive1: drive2:...

is given, where "drive1:" and "drive2:" are disk drive letters,
the utilization of the specified drives will be shown.

SSTAT normally shows its information on the video display and
does MORE-like pauses when a screen has been filled. However,
SSTAT's output can also be redirected to a file, in which case no
full-screen pauses will be made. For example:


will write utilization figures to the file MYDATA.

SSTAT supports Microsoft XMS and reads CMOS memory if Microsoft's
HIMEM.SYS is installed to obtain total extended memory size.

Version 1.03 expands the display to display very large drives of
up to 4Gbytes in size.

Sydex has a broad line of diskette- and hard disk-based
Shareware programs. Write or call us for a free brochure, or
send $5.00 for a three-diskette sampler of our products (Overseas
orders, please add $3.00 for airmail).



This program and its attendant documentation remain the property
of Sydex. License is hereby granted to copy and distribute this
program and documentation without modification, provided that
Sydex is acknowledged as the originator and owner of all rights.
In no case does Sydex assume any responsibility for the
performance or fitness for use or purpose of this product.

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