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System Memory Map Utility - SMAP Version 1.4

By Dorn W. Stickle 03-Apr-85

This program analyzes the DOS storage chain and produces a summary report of
the resident DOS extensions. DOS 2.0, 2.1, 3.0, 3.1 are required to use this
program. Allocated storage starting with the resident portion of COMMAND.COM
is displayed. The following information is provided for each resident program:

Program segment prefix address
Program name (if available)
Allocated segment count
Total allocated memory (in bytes)
Hooked interrupt list

In addition, SMAP displays the count and size of 'FREE' storage segments in the
DOS chain and the current command load address.

If you use the '/D' switch after SMAP (example: SMAP/D) then you will get a
detailed display which identifies the specific segments (PROGRAM block,
ENVIRONMENT block or PROGRAM MEMORY) that a process has allocated. Using
this option causes the free storage segment to be identified.

Note - the IBM-PC dependencies in this program were removed by John Stetson on
20-Jul-85 to permit operation with both the Zenith Z-100 and Z-150 computers.