Category : System Diagnostics for your computer
Archive   : SBLASTID.ZIP

Output of file : SBLASTID.TXT contained in archive : SBLASTID.ZIP

Two programs to help determine the presence & I/O address of a

TESTIO.EXE displays all possible BLASTER I/O address reads.

TEST1.EXE checks for a SOUND BLASTER , and if found, reports its I/O

The QBASIC source is supplied.... its horribly crude and badly written,
but it WORKS !!!!

For those without QBASIC, stand alone EXE files are also encluded.

Finally: I take no responsibility to what may happen to your system if you
run these two programs. TESTIO only reads I/O ports, but TEST1 does write
to 216, 226, 236, 246, 256, & 266. You may have something else at those
I/O addresses that objects (but I doubt it).
In any have the SOURCE... so its your choice !!!

Geoff Drayson. Baltimore. MD