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Computer Tyme RamMap * Copyright 1990 by Marc Perkel
All Rights Reserved * Version 1.0 * Release Date: 11-24-90

Computer Tyme * 411 North Sherman, Suite 300 * Springfield Mo. 65802
(800) 548-5353 Sales * (417) 866-1222 Voice * (417) 866-1665 Data

RamMap has two functions. It displays what's in memory, and it
is able to free up some wasted memory blocks.


When loading TSRs, each program has it's own environment space.
Generally, this is wasted memory. Running RAMMAP FREE after each
TSR load can recover this memory. It won't gain you a lot, but
in some situations, every byte counts!

This is a shareware program. If you use it you must pay for it.
Pricing is as follows:

1 - $10
10 - $25
100 - $100
Unlimited - $250 call for details

This program is included free with other Computer Tyme Software
such as MarxMenu and the DOS ToolBox.

Information and order forms:


The Computer Tyme Dos ToolBox... Makes DOS easier for the novice,
more powerful for the professional.

DIRECTORY MASTER is a powerful hard disk managment utility. It
brings up your hard disk files and allows you to mark selected
files so you can copy them, delete them, or move them. It also
allows you to rename files, change dates, and change attributes.
You can also run programs or set up your function keys to run
programs on selected files.

DOLIST makes being at DOS easier. It gives you full line editing,
like a word processor, for your commands. It also stores commands
so that you can re-execute them. It remembers subdirectories and
allows you to go back to them by pressing the TAB key. It offers
programmable function keys, DOS extensions, multiple execution,
and many more features you have got to have.

PICK DIRECTORY allows you to move through the directory system by
displaying a graphic tree and letting you use your arrow keys to
move around. It also lets you create, delete, rename, and hide

TEDIT (from SemWare) is a powerful, easy to use full screen

MARXTSR is a set of memory and TSR management utilities that let
you load and unload TSRs (Terminate and stay resident programs)
from memory. Utilities to list menory allocation and turn TSR's
on and off.

And many more ... Also includes is D, a fancy directory listing
program; WHEREIS, for finding stuff on you hard disk, SORT, MOVE,
FIND, FREE, PIPEDIR, VERSION, and many more.

The Dos Toolbox sells for $59.95.


We are also selling QEdit from Semware. QEdit is a professional
editor from Semware. TEdit is a mini version of QEdit. If you
like TEdit, You'll love QEdit.

1-800-548-5353 Order Line
1-417-866-1222 Voice Line
1-417-866-1665 BBS Data line * 1200/2400 * 8N1 * ANSI or VT100


For the menu user who is interested in POWER!

MarxMenu version 1.99 is a menu system that uses NO RAM. MarxMenu
is compatible with all networks and contains a powerful menu
language. This language gives you complete screen control as well
as conditional menus. Math and string functions as well as
multidimensional arrays are supported. MarxMenu can read
environment variables, ports, ram locations, time, dates, the
contents of text files, ect. and make decisions on them.

Screen control includes multi-layer exploding windows with
unlimited number of selections and unlimited windows. 43/50 line
ega and vga modes are supported. MarxMenu contains a screen
blanker, password security on anything, keyboard lockout.
MarxMenu can run programs while staying resident and read the dos
errorlevel codes they return or marxmenu can return custom
errorlevel codes to a calling program or batch file. MarxMenu can
view text files in a window, read text files into an array and
let you choose a line from that array in a window. MarxMenu can
write string arrays to text files.

This menu system is targeted at the user whose primary interest
is POWER! Here is a simple sample of what MarxMenu script looks


;This menu is a sample of a simple menu.
;To run this menu type 'MARX SAMPLE'

TextColor Yellow Red
BoxBorderColor Green Blue
BoxInsideColor Yellow Blue
DrawBox 25 7 32 13
WriteCenter '* Sample Menu *'
Writeln ' A - Directory'
Writeln ' B - Wide Directory'
Writeln ' C - Run ChkDsk'
Writeln ' D - Type Menu to Screen'
Writeln ' E - Edit This Menu'
Writeln ' F - Drop to Dos'
Writeln ' Esc - Exit'
Write ' Select: '

OnKey 'A'
Pause ;Lets you see the directory before screen clears

Onkey 'B'

OnKey 'C'

OnKey 'D'

OnKey 'E'

OnKey 'F'
@Echo To Return to the SAMPLE menu type EXIT
@Echo .

MarxMenu comes with TEDIT and MARXTSR manager and a few goodies
out of the DOS ToolBox.


Make Check Computer Tyme Order Form 2.7
Payable To: 411 North Sherman Suite 300
Springfield Mo. 65802
(417) 866-1222 (800) 548-5353

Please send me the Computer Tyme Software.


Name: ________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________

City/St/Zip: ________________________________________________

Phone: ________________________________________________

Computer: ________________________________________________

Got From: ________________________________________________

Comments: ________________________________________________



___ Enclosed is $59.95 for The DOS ToolBox.

___ Enclosed is $59.95 for MarxMenu.

___ Enclosed is $99.95 for Both.

___ Enclosed is $49.95 for QEdit (from SemWare).

Network licenses are sold on a per fileserver basis.

___ Enclosed is $495 for The DOS ToolBox network version.

___ Enclosed is $495 for MarxMenu network version.

___ Enclosed is $750 for Both network version.

___ Add $3.00 for Shipping and Handling.

___ I need 3 1/2 Inch Media.


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