Category : System Diagnostics for your computer
Archive   : PWORDS.ZIP
Filename : INFO.BAT

Output of file : INFO.BAT contained in archive : PWORDS.ZIP

echo off
if exist password.doc goto :message
echo ÿ
echo Error: Cannot locate the documentation file.
echo Please change to the drive or directory which
echo contains your PASSWORD distribution files, then
echo run the INFO.BAT file again.
echo ÿ
goto :exit
echo The complete documentation for the PASSWORD program
echo is contained in the file PASSWORD.DOC, which runs
echo to 8 pages.
echo ÿ
echo PASSWORD.DOC comes pre-formatted for printing on
echo normal, 8-1/2 by 11-inch paper.
echo ÿ
echo If you don't want to print this file now, press [Ctrl-C]
echo and then press [Y].
echo ÿ
echo Otherwise, you may let this batch file print it for you.
echo Simply do the following:
echo ÿ
echo 1. Turn your printer ON
echo 2. Adjust the left margin to zero or 1
echo 3. Adjust the top line to the very top
echo of the page
echo 4. Press any key when ready to print,
echo or type [Ctrl-C] now to abort...
pause > nul
echo ³ Printing PASSWORD.DOC (8 pages). Press [Ctrl-C] to abort... ³
type password.doc > prn
type order.frm > prn
echo ÿ
echo Done.
echo ÿ