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PC-Sentry ShareWare Version User Documentation

WHAT IS PC-Sentry?

PC-Sentry is a collection of programs and utilities to provide security and
accountability on PC's and PC networks. The heart of the system is PCS.EXE,
a TSR (memory resident) program that maintains daily log files of file based
computer activity. It will log all files opened, deleted, created, copied,
directories created and deleted, time changes, commands issued from the
DOS prompt, and much more. In addition, it will keep a record of average
keystrokes per minute and periods of keyboard inactivity. Most logging
functions can be toggled on or off at load time to allow the user to customize
the logging capabilities of the program. PCS.EXE can also be loaded in a
"Quiet" mode so the user will never be aware it is running.

PC-Sentry is also available in a network version. It operates much the same
as the single user version except that it will maintain its log files on
a specified network drive. It will also automatically detect whether or
not the user is logged into the network, and maintain its log files on the
local drive when the network connection is broken, and automatically switch
back to the network drive when the connection is re-established.

PCS.EXE is compatible with Novell, LANtastic, LAN Manager, and most all
other networks. It is also compatible with Microsoft WINDOWS running in
any mode.


PCSLOG.EXE is a companion program that allows for complete log file viewing
and maintenance. PCSLOG is a full featured program that is mouse aware
and allows viewing of multiple log files in movable, resizeable windows.
Maintenance options include deleting, archiving, restoring from archive,
moving, and printing log files. The archive option uses file compression
tecniques licensed from PKWARE, the undisputed leader in the compression

The network version has options especially for network managers to allow
log file maintenance for all users from a workstation or server.

You can even keep logs of server activity, whether it's a dedicated server,
or installed as a peer to peer server.

The network manager can view multiple users log files at the same time. The
number of log files that can be viewed is limited only by available memory.
When the log file is viewed, all log entries can be seen up to the fraction
of a second before the log file is actually loaded. Logging goes right on
in the background, even if the file is being viewed or printed.


þ PCS - 25k TSR logging program with several run-time load
options to enable customized log reporting.

þ PCSLITE - 10k version of PCS, less some of the logging options
of PCS but uses considerably less memory.

þ PCSLOG - Log file maintenance and viewing program. Also prints
log files, allows archiving to floppy disk, restoring
an archived file, log file compression and de-compression.
PCSLOG is also mouse compatible, and allows multiple
log file viewing in movable, re-sizeable windows.

þ LOGENTRY - a command line program to insert comments into the
users daily log file.

þ COMPLOGS - a command line utility to automatically compress all
out of date log files. Can be used in batch files.

þ FILELOCK - a file encryption utility.

þ FLOPLOCK - denies access to floppy drives.

þ PRINLOCK - sends all local printer output to never never land.

þ LOCKIT - locks out your hard disk to anyone without a
specially created boot disk.

NEW! þ EVERYDAY - Process multiple batch and executable files on a DAILY,
WEEKLY, or MONTHLY basis. Keeps a record of all processes
performed in the PC-Sentry log file.

NEW! þ START - a command line program to start a timed event and inserts
a specified comment into the log file.

NEW! þ STOP - a command line program to terminates a timed event and
inserts a comment into the log file.

þ Complete user manual covers both single user and network versions.

þ Dual media included. ( Both 3.5 and 5.25 disks )


File access logging.
Productivity monitoring.
Resource allocation analysis.
Time and billing.
Monitor unauthorized software usage and copying.
Monitor "after hours" computer use.
Trouble shooting software applications problems.
Fine tune and verify network file access strategies.
Virus introduction tracking.


There are seven programs included with the ShareWare version.

þ INSTALSW.EXE - creates the necessary system file and sub-
directory for PC-Sentry to run.

þ PCS.EXE - a specially created ShareWare version of the commercial
product. This version is the same as the commercial
version except that a ShareWare notice is displayed
upon loading the program, and you must press a key to
continue. Also, the program cannot be loaded in the
"Quiet" mode.

þ PCSLOG.EXE - a fully functioning version of the commercial product
for log file viewing and maintenance.

þ EVERYDAY.EXE - Process multiple batch and executable files on a DAILY,
WEEKLY, or MONTHLY basis. Keeps a record of all processes
performed in the PC-Sentry log file.

þ LOGENTRY - a command line program to insert comments into the
users daily log file.

þ START.EXE - a command line program to start a timed event and inserts
a specified comment into the log file.

þ STOP.EXE - a command line program to terminates a timed event and
inserts a comment into the log file.


1. Copy the seven EXE programs to the desired directory.


3. Type PCS ( and press any key... ). ( Must load after DOSKEY if used )

4. Do some stuff.

5. Sometime later, type PCSLOG to run the log viewing program. You can
navigate the program with a mouse, with "Hot Keys" ( ALT - hot key ),
with the appropriate function keys (where indicated) and with arrow keys,
enter key, and tab key. When selecting a log file to view, the TAB key
will move you between fields.



EveryDay was written to facilitate automation of functions that ought to
be performed at regular intervals. When run from your AUTOEXEC.BAT file,
you can run any number of executable programs, batch files, or DOS commands
on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This allows you to perform disk
maintenance, backups, sorts, and other utilities on a regular basis, without
having to remember when or how often to perform these tasks.

When EveryDay is run, it checks for whatever tasks need to be performed that
particular day, if any. If tasks are scheduled, the user is prompted as to
whether or not he desires to run them at that time. If the user answers NO,
he will be prompted at every boot-up, until the programmed tasks are completed.
This makes it easy for a consultant or PC manager to make sure that certain
functions are performed on a regular basis. Programmers can use it to
perform automatic source code backups each day.


EveryDay is very simple to use. First of all, we recommend that it be
installed in a directory in your current dos path. Secondly, EveryDay is date

sensitive, so the date must be set to the current date prior to running the

EveryDay needs at least one of the four following script files to operate.
These files can be produced with any editor or word processor ( in ascii mode ).
Script files MUST reside in the root directory of the current logged drive.

NORMAL.EVD -- list of programs, batch files, or DOS commands to be performed
on each computer boot-up.

DAILY.EVD -- list of programs, batch files, or DOS commands to be performed
on a once per day basis.

WEEKLY.EVD -- list of programs, batch files, or DOS commands to be performed
on a once per week basis.

MONTHLY.EVD -- list of programs, batch files, or DOS commands to be performed
on a once per month basis.

EXAMPLE OF SCRIPT FILE: ( This is a typical DAILY.EVD file )

* This is a comment (Any line preceeded with an asterisk is not processed)
NDD /QUICK (Run Norton Disk Doctor)
SWEEP DEL *.BAK (SWEEP the current disk to delete .BAK files)
WORDBACK (Run batch file to back-up word processing data)

Each command MUST be on a seperate line, with no blank lines.

You can run any number of DOS commands, batch files, or executable programs
in any order.

You SHOULD NOT install TSR (memory resident programs with EveryDay)

EveryDay can NOT be run from a workstation without a hard disk. A hard disk,
( C: drive ) MUST be present in the system.

EveryDay has six possible optional command line parameters. If no command line
parameters are used, EveryDay will give you information only.

EVERYDAY /? - Help screen
EVERYDAY /A - Perform all due events AUTOMATICALLY
EVERYDAY /D - Perform DAILY events (override due date)
EVERYDAY /W - Perform WEEKLY events (override due date)
EVERYDAY /M - Perform MONTHLY events (override due date)
EVERYDAY /P - PROMPT before performing events.

Using any of the override modes will update the appropriate date(s) so that
from then on, the daily, weekly, or monthly events will take place 1, 7, or 30
days from the date the override mode was used.

For example, say you always want your weekly events to fall on Fridays. The
first time you run the program, it uses the current date for establishing
how many days it is until the next event. If you ran it for the first time on
a Monday, your weekly events would always come up on Mondays. To correct this,
you would run the program as; EVERYDAY /W on the next Friday. From then
on, all weekly events would take place on Fridays.

EveryDay automatically maintains a file called EVD.INF in the root directory.
This file contains data relating to the dates that the DAILY, WEEKLY, and
MONTHLY events were last run. If it does not exist, it will be created.
Each time an event occurs, the file is automatically updated.


Update of ZIP or ARC files
"Today" type information programs
File defragmenters
Source code backups
Disk sorts
Disk cleanups
Disk diagnosis programs
HD format protection programs
Virus scan programs
Run batch files that type reminder test files to screen
Initiate full or partial backup programs
Run accounting or payroll software automatically ( ie: once a week )
Consultants can use the program on clients computers to force that certain
tasks be performed on a preset schedule.

Using EveryDay with PC-Sentry

EveryDay will take advantage of PC-Sentry's logging capabilities and place
log entries in the current PC-Sentry log file. EveryDay will keep permanent
records of each task performed by EveryDay, as well as the time it was
performed. It will also record the event due dates. EveryDay is a part of
the PC-Sentry package, but is usefull, and will run perfectly as a stand
alone program.


LOGENTRY is a command line program that inserts a time stamped comment into
the log file.


LOGENTRY Going out to lunch.

This will insert the comment "Going out to lunch." into your log file with
a time stamp.


START is similar in operation to LOGENTRY. It is used in conjunction with
STOP to report the elapsed time a process has been active.


START Word Processing
(word processing commands go here)

This example would insert the comment "START Word Processing" with the current
time into your log file. You would then enter your word processing program.
Let's say you were in your word procesing program for 20 minutes and 2 seconds.
STOP would enter the comment "STOP Word Processing ET: 00:20:02" into your
log file.

START and STOP are NOT TSR's ( memory resident ) so can be run without regard
to other software. START and STOP are best used in batch files.

We hope you will find these programs to be useful tools in monitoring your
PC systems. If you have any problems running the ShareWare version or
have any questions please call us. We will be more than happy to help.

ShareWare License and Information

You may use this program for 30 days as a ShareWare product. If you continue
to use the program after that 30 day period, you are required to register.
As a registered user, you will receive the full PC-Sentry package including
printed and bound documentation.

DISK VENDORS and BBS OPERATORS. You are free to distribute this program
in any form as long as it is complete as indicated above, and no fee in
excess of $10.00 is charged.


______ PC-SENTRY single user version per computer ...... $ 69.00 $ ______

______ PC-SENTRY network version per server ............ $ 195.00 $ ______

California orders please add Sales Tax .................... 7.75% $ ______

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Payment by check, money order, Master Card, or Visa.

C.O.D. orders accepted.

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