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=============== PASSWORD.COM/SECURE.COM =================

Secure your files with a password, so unauthorized users are

Put the line:


in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file.

With SECURE.COM and PASWORD.COM on the same disk, enter "SECURE"
to set up your password(s). Follow the instructions and you will
modify PASSWORD.COM and will also create a file called PASSWORD.LOG.

Move a copy of this (new, revised) PASSWORD.COM to your boot disk
and put a new line (preferably the first line) in your AUTOEXEC.BAT
file: "PASSWORD"

When the boot disk is next used, the screen will clear and the program
will ask for a password. If one of the passwords encoded in PASSWORD.COM
is entered, the next line of the AUTOEXEC batch file will be executed.
If any other string is entered, the program will keep asking for a
password, until the machine is turned off and turned on again. (The
Ctrl-Alt-Del combination is disabled.)

This is by no means fool-proof. Any halfway-accomplished PC-nik can
quickly figure out a way around it. But it's great for making sure
each clerk is using only his/her own disk, etc.