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PassKey version 1.04 - Copywrite (c) 1987

By: Rod Cullison

Passkey is a PC menu system that provides for security by user
and application. A user's menu is presented with only those
applications that the user has been given access to by the
security administrator.

The following files should be contained on the PassKey
distribution diskette or in the ARC file:

READ.ME - You are reading it.
PASSKEY.DOC - Documentation file for PassKey.
PASSKEY.EXE - The PassKey program.
MENU.BAT - A batch file for starting PassKey.
M.BAT - A batch file used for returning to
PassKey from DOS.
INSTALL.BAT - The installation batch file to install

This is the first version of PassKey to be offered as shareware.
I was convinced to do so by several friends. I hope they remain
my friends. Future versions of PassKey may or may not be
released through shareware. That will depend on the response
that I receive from this version.

If you have any opinions on the PassKey program or problems, I
can be reached on Compuserve [71320,737].

You may notice that the titling makes reference to reporting as
part of PassKey. The time accountting functions have not been
released as yet, but are on their way. They will include
complete usage reports for those companies that are interested
in the overall usage of their PC's.