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Parallel.Exe, v1.45 Parallel Technologies, Inc.
Parallel Port Information Utility 10603 170th Ct NE
(C) Copyright 1993-1994 Jay Lowe Redmond, WA 98052

This program may be used Lab 206-869-1136
free of charge subject to the Fax 206-869-1133
Restricted License Agreement Compuserve 76640,203
contained in Parallel.Doc Internet [email protected]

README for the Parallel Port Information Utility

Version 1.45

1. Program Status

Parallel has received extensive testing involving dozens of different
PCs, and no bugs or erroneous results are known at this time, except
those cases described in Parallel.Doc.

The program has now been moderately tested on PS/2 systems.

We intend to actively support this program and will appreciate your
comments and suggestions. Please direct them to us via Compuserve
Email or Fax.

Thank you.

2. Product Reviews and Recommendations to be added to Parallel.Doc

***** VENDORS NOTE *****

Parallel Technologies receives a constant stream of inquiries from
end users seeking information and recommendations on parallel ports,
external devices, and related products.

We anticipate that a near-future version of Parallel.Doc will
include more extensive product reviews and product ordering info.

Vendors of:

1) parallel port cards (especially enhanced parallel ports),
2) parallel port peripheral devices (LAN, disk, CDROM, etc),
3) other parallel port related products (file transfer, etc).

are invited to arrange for us to review these products and include
review results and product ordering information in Parallel.Doc.

Please help us keep users informed about your parallel port products.

2. License Agreement

Your right to use this program is governed by your acceptance of
the terms and conditions stated in the License Agreement which is
set forth in the files License.Txt and Parallel.Doc.

We offer inexpensive licensing arrangements for those parallel port
peripheral vendors who would like to include Parallel in their
distributed software for technical support purposes.

The underlying recognition technology of Parallel may also be
licensed for inclusion in devices drivers and so forth.

3. Release History

1.45 -- additional 20 pages of documentation, inc. Buyer's Guide
minor bug fixes
add additional mode reporting for ECP ports
remove specific test for Fport card in Fport mode since

it was crashing some video cards, may add again later

1.36 -- tighten up detection of ECP ports
detect ECP FIFO length
rewrite generic EPP test to eliminate false positives
special case Farpoint Fport cards in EPP or FPORT mode

1.34 -- add generic EPP testing
add ECP testing
clean up EPP testing to handle various special cases
add ParaSpd parallel port Benchmark

1.01 -- First maintenance release
- remove transient status messages
- slow down Rotating Bit Test for better port tolerance

1.00 -- First public release

Parallel Technologies, Inc. your parallel port experts

We thank you.

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Archive   : PARA14.ZIP
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