Category : System Diagnostics for your computer
Archive   : OSC-215E.ZIP
Filename : PACKING.LST

Output of file : PACKING.LST contained in archive : OSC-215E.ZIP

McAfee VirusScan 2.1.5 (215) for OS/2

Packing List and Validation Codes PACKING.LST
Introduction README.1ST

VirusScan Program for OS/2 OS2SCAN.EXE
Virus Detection Data SCAN.DAT
Virus Clean Up Data CLEAN.DAT
Virus Names Data NAMES.DAT
Documentation for VirusScan SCAN.TXT

Validate Program for OS/2 OS2VAL.EXE
Documentation for Validate VALIDATE.TXT

Registration Information REGISTER.TXT
License Agreements LICENSE.TXT
Listing of McAfee Authorized Agents AGENTS.TXT
Free CompuServe Account Information COMPUSER.TXT
BBS Zip File Identification FILE_ID.DIZ
BBS Zip File Naming Conventions FILENAME.TXT

Validation codes for the programs and Virus Data Files included
in this package:

OS2SCAN EXE 246370 02-14-95 2:15a 4A86 126C
OS2VAL EXE 51264 02-14-95 2:15a 90A5 1A25

CLEAN DAT 60393 02-14-95 2:15a 014A 2D49

NAMES DAT 154544 02-14-95 2:15a ED03 853D
SCAN DAT 147869 02-14-95 2:15a 2F77 369B