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The FxREPEAT program group of files automates virus scanning using Frisk
Software International's F-PROT program. F-PROT can be run on a user
defined, predetermined time or date interval. Running the FxREPEAT
program from the PC's AUTOEXEC.BAT file or a LAN login script, the
F-PROT program will execute only when needed. FxREPEAT will display
appropriate error messages for any program as well as F-PROT sensed
errors. FxREPEAT is not a TSR.

The following files are supplied as the FxREPEAT program group:

File Name Description
F-REPEAT.WP Documentation in WordPerfect 5.1 (DOS) format.
F-REPEAT.DOC Documentation in ASCII format.
FxREPEAT.EXE Share version of Main program.
F-CHKOUT.EXE Checkout program.
F-CHK.EXE Quick check of Log File date/time.
README.FX This file.

FxREPEAT is FREE for personal use in non-commercial and non-business
installations. FxREPEAT is not PUBLIC DOMAIN and is copyrighted. The
FxREPEAT program group can only be used in commercial and business
installations for a 30 day evaluation period. Once the evaluation
period is completed, please register or discontinue use. Tools to
customize the error displays are provided with the registered program.

Versions of FxREPEAT are available for McAfee Associates' VIRUSCAN
program (MxREPEAT) and INTEL Corporation's LPScan portion of the
LANProtect program (LxREPEAT).

F-PROT is copyrighted by Frisk Software International.
LANProtect is a trademark of the Intel Corporation.
Intel is a registered trademark of the Intel Corporation.
LPScan is copyrighted by the Intel Corporation.
VIRUSCAN is copyrighted by McAfee Associates.

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