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Output of file : FILETYPE.TST contained in archive : FT119.ZIP
[ Tests on both popular Commericial and PD Programs ]
[ Prepared by Paul Pi with FILETYPE Release 1.18, 10/19/87 ]
[ To obtain a copy of FILETYPE by send $20 or fair amount ]
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Programs are Compiled by:

The IBM/MS BASIC Compilers

01. RBBS-PC.EXE (The Famous RBBS Version 15.1B)
02. INTRO.EXE *(Intro for the DBASE III Plus)
03. JUMPJOE.EXE *(Get keys and avoid mad Robots)
04. MONOP2.EXE *(Monopoly Version 2.0)
05. KONG.EXE *(An imitation Donkey Kong)
06. BABY.EXE *(Weeee, it's bouncing babies)
07. FF120.EXE (Fast_Factorial & Applications)*
08. ENG1.EXE *(EnerGraphics Version 1.0)
09. BUSHIDO.EXE *(Bushido the Krate Game)
10. GATO.EXE *(Submarine Simulation)
11. MKEY.EXE (Master Key Disassembler 1.50)
12. CASTLE.EXE *(Adventure D&D Game)
13. PITFALL.EXE *(Keep falling into the pits)
14. PORNO.EXE *(Advanced Pornoflick)
15. PACKMAN.EXE *(Pacman, get it. Haha!)
16. HIDESINK.EXE *(Hide and Sink Battleship Game)
17. RISK.EXE *(The board game RISK)
18. PM.EXE (IBM Story Board Picture Maker 1.0)
19. PCFILE.EXE *(PC FILE III Version 4.0)
20. NOVATRON.EXE *(3D Fencing & Trapping Game)
21. WORLD.EXE (World Map 2.0)
22. A-DIAL.EXE (Autodialer, let's phreak)
23. FT.EXE *(Family Tie, 1.15)
24. AQUA.EXE (PC Aquarium)
25. M_R.EXE (Maxi Read, Read Text Structure)
26. XENOCOPY.EXE *(Convert CPM programs to MSDOS?)
27. INSIDE.EXE (InsideView 1.00a, 1987 diagnostic)
28. QUBERT.EXE *(Q-Bert game)
29. SD.COM *(Sea Dragon, Radical Game)
30. MP.EXE *(Mind Prober)
31. LARC16.EXE (LBR & ARC Utility by Vernon.B.)
32. FF3.COM (Factorial Blaster!)*
33. SOLUTION.COM (Solve Solutions of any equation)*
34. MSOLVER.EXE (Advanced Math Solver)*
35. JAPAN.EXE (Japanese Tutorial)
36. MFIT110.EXE (Multiple Regression-Fit Version 1.10)*
37. BIN2BLD.COM (Convert any BINary file into BASIC BLOADable format)*
38. INSULTS.EXE (Educate your mind with how to insult your enemy)
39. U-ZAP4.EXE (Ultra-Zap utility, A pretty good disk utility)
40. RUTH.EXE (Dr. Ruth teaches sex education, you'll be a man in 1 hr. )
41. MONITOR.EXE (Monitor Selection for REMOTE by Microstuf)

Programs with '*' are compiled by the old IBM/MS BASIC
Compilers, others are Compiled by the NEW IBM/MS BASIC
Compilers. Read FILETYPE.DOC for clear compiler info.

Borland's Turbo Basic Compiler

01. MC.EXE (MicroCalc by Borland Int.)
02. MUSIC.EXE (Demo music program by Borland)
03. HANOI.EXE (Logic demo)
04. TBREF.EXE (Turbo BASIC Reference Utility)

The Microsoft C Compilers

01. PROCOMM.EXE (Procomm v2.42)
02. PCUNIX.EXE (IBM PC Unix version 1.03)
03. LIB.EXE (Library Manager)
04. FTHELP.COM (FileType Help 1.10)
05. MACE.EXE (Mace Utility 4.02)
06. 121.EXE (One to One Communication Program)
07. ZOO.EXE (Zoo the Archive Utility, like ARC)
08. VMODE.EXE (SmartNotes Demo)
09. HAL.EXE (Lotus Hal)
10. FDISK.COM (IBM PCDOS 3.30, Fixed Disk Utility)
11. HARDPREP.EXE (Hardisk Preparation Utility 1.06)
12. MTCONV.EXE (Convert MaxThink to PC Outline)
13. 3D.EXE (3D Perspective Graphical System)
14. GBSETUP.COM (Graph in the box setup)
15. REFEREE.EXE (Memory Manager)
17. CV.EXE (Microsoft's CodeView Debugger)
18. PAOHSIN.EXE (The second part of FILETYPE 1.14)
19. RBASE.EXE (RBASE V v1.1)
20. MCAD.EXE (Math Cad by MathSoft, inc.)
21. CCLOG.EXE (Carbon Copy 3.0 Log utility)
22. COBOL.EXE (Microsoft Cobol Compiler)
23. PMPART1.BIN (Page Maker DeskTop Publishing)
24. CM.EXE (ChessMaster 2000 by Software Country)
25. PCGAMMON.EXE *(Gammon Game)
26. LINK.EXE (Microsoft Linker 3.51(Actually 3.05))

27. FORMAT.COM (IBM DOS 3.3 Disk Format Utility)
28. MAZETRON.EXE (Escape the Invincible Mazes of Robots)*
29. CCHECKER.EXE (The awesome Chinese Checker Game)*
31. PCKERMIT.EXE (Kermit)
32. COMMAND.COM (Microsoft DOS COMMAND Interpreter)
33. DEMO.EXE (Bricklin's Demo)
34. GRAFTABL.EXE (Microsoft DOS 3.21 Graph Character Table Loader)
35. TS.EXE (Text Search, Advanced Edition by Peter Norton, 1987)
36. NU.EXE (Norton Utilities 4.0, Advanced Edition, 1987)
37. DISKCOPY.COM (IBM PCDOS 3.30 Diskcopy utility)
38. CSDEMO.EXE (C-Scape Demo)
39. DGI2MAC.EXE (Conversion of Turbo DGI to MAC Paint format)
40. BUTIL.EXE (Btrieve File Access Utilities by SoftCraft)

Progarm's with '*' are Interlinked(Multiple compilers)

Borland's Turbo C Compiler

01. PAOHSIN.EXE (The second part of FILETYPE 1.15)*
02. MCALC.EXE (MicroCalc by Borland)
03 TLIB.EXE (Turbo C Librarian)
04. MAKE.EXE (Make utility for Turbo C)
05. EUREKA.EXE (Eureka the Math Solver)
06. MAHJONGG.EXE (The Chinese Gambling Game, EGA version)
07. TB.EXE (Turbo BASIC Compiler)
08. TCLIB.EXE (Turbo C Librarian)

Datalight C Compiler

01. DOSMANGR.COM (DOS Manager)
02. MTR.COM (Calculates Modem Transfer Rate)
03. HATMACK.EXE *(Hard Hat Mack)
04. ARTICFOX.EXE *(ArticFox, a Tank suppose to penetrate alien base at artic)
05. MOONPTRO.COM *(Moon Patrol, a Rad game by Atari)
06. PINBALL.COM *(Pinball Construction Set by Electronic Arts)

The Lattice C Compilers

01. DRHALO.EXE (Dr. Halo v1.15)
02. PROTECT.EXE (Protect Utility in DBASE 3+ Disk)
03. BBSI.EXE (Fido 6.0)
04. CCINSTALL.EXE (Carbon Copy v3.00, Install)
05. ST.EXE (StarTrek game by Parmount Pic, Inc.)
06. OPTIONS.EXE (Option Config program for 1DIR)
07. PLINK86.EXE (Phoneix's Linkage Editor)
08. WKSDIF.EXE (Lotus/123 translation program)
09. CLIPPER.EXE (Clipper, DBASE 3 Compiler)
10. PUBLISH.EXE (ClickART 1.02)
11. PKARC.EXE (Phil Katz's Fast Archive Utility)
12. GENLINK.EXE (MBP Cobol Compiler Linker)
13. PCBOSS.EXE (A SHELL and Directory Utility)
14. BEAST.COM (Squish the bees, pango clone)
15. SETUP.EXE (Frame Work II Setup)
16. CLEAR.EXE (Business Simulator Startup)
17. PBRUSH1.EXE (PC PaintBrush 400)
18. FASTBACK.EXE (Harddisk Fastback Utility)
19. 16C.EXE (PC Paint Plus .PIC utility)
20. SB.EXE (Software Bridge)
21. TEACHME.EXE (WordStar Release 4 Tutor)
22. QA1.EXE (Q&A System)
23. ACAD.EXE (AutoCAD by Auto Desk)
24. GOLF.EXE (Accolade Golf, Mean 18)
25. KARATEKA.EXE (Radical Karate Game)
26. DIGGER.COM (DigDug type game by Windmill soft)
27. CLIPDEMO.EXE (Clipper Demo)
28. PCBRUSH1.EXE (PC PaintBrush 400)
29. CTERP.EXE (C-Terp, C-Interpreter)
30. PROLOG.EXE (Turbo Prolog Compiler)
31. LR.COM *(LoadRunner)
32. OPUSLINK.EXE (SEA's data transfer prog)
33. CEXPRESS.EXE (3D Centipede Express:Total Turblence)*
34. TC.COM (The lattest TRANSCOPY, like COPYIIPC? for Option Board?)
36. EXPAND.EXE (XEROX Ventural Desktop Publishing 1.10 Expand Utility)
37. ROADWAR.EXE (Road Warrior 2000 by SSI, 1987)
38. VOLABEL.COM (Volume Labeler 3.0 by Peter Norton, 1984)
39. Z80MU.EXE (Z80 and CPM Emulatr)
41. PKARC.COM (Phil Katz's Archive Utility)
42. PKFIND.COM (File Finder Utility)
44. B.EXE (Btrieve Program by Softcraft)

The MBP Cobol Compiler

01. TESTIN.EXE (Cobol Demo)
02. HPDAT.EXE (Aircraft informations...)

The Computer Innovations C86 and DeSmet C Compilers.

01. CHK4BOMB.EXE (Checks a program for Trojan Horse)
02. LAR.EXE (Library Archive Utility)
03. ZIP.EXE (ZIP the Terminal Program)
04. PCMATLAB.EXE (PC Math Lab)
05. CM.EXE (Certificate Maker by SprintBoard)
06. PMAP.EXE (Memory map utility)
07. NFL.EXE (National Footbal League Game)
08. HP-PC.EXE (HP-PC HyperCalc)
09. BITCOM.EXE (Bit comm)
10. SOPWITH.EXE (Biplane combat game)
11. INSET.EXE (Inset graphics)
12. GCICOPY.EXE (Freelance Plus util)
13. TC.EXE (Turbo C Compiler)
14. EC.EXE (BASIC to C Conversion Tool by C Source)
15. DIS86PC.EXE (Disassembler for 80386 and others)
17. EXPERT.EXE (dBASE 3 Expert. Complete Tutorial)
18. INSTALL.EXE (Installation for PrintQ)
19. ASTROTIT.EXE (Fight the Cosmic Tits and ....)
21. MAXHEAD.EXE (Maxine Head Room, X-Rated verion of Max-Head Room!!!)
22. TELIX.EXE (Telecommunication package)

DeSmet C Compiler

01. STRM.EXE (String Master 1.01, Allow alteration of coded strings.)

Computer Innovations C86 C-Compilers

01. EARTH.EXE (Rotating Earth with actual life animations above earth)
02. WOLF.EXE (The wolfy from Red Riding Hood)
03. NERD.EXE (A life description of a NERD, need CGA)
04. ARC.EXE (System Enhancements Associate's Archive Utility)
05. EXE2COM.EXE (Christ Dunford's EXE2BIN Utility)
06. MPOWER.EXE (Wordstar tutorial by American Training International)

The AZTEC C Compiler

02. CRC.EXE (CRC utility)
03. WFSCREEN.EXE (WordStar WordFinder Screen Util)
04. ORACOMM.EXE (ORACOMM BBS, Cracked, Author Can't Blow up illegal copies)

The TURBO Prolog Compiler

01. ELIZA.EXE (The Computerized Doctor)
02. TALK2ME.EXE (Far better than backtalk)
03. HANOI.EXE (SuperLogic)

The Turbo Pascal Compilers

01. THELP3A.COM (Turbo Pascal Resident Help 3.A)
02. QMODEM.COM (Qmodem SST 3.00)
03. WILDCAT.COM (WildCat BBS 1.03)
04. MK.COM (Master Key, Norton Alike utility)
05. TTAX.COM (Turbo Tax 1987)
06. GT1220.COM (GT PowerCOMM 12.20)
07. CHASM.COM (Cheap Assembler)
08. GO-MOKU.COM (Thinker's TicTacToe)
09. C-FORMAT.COM (PD Disk Format Utility)
10. MONOPOLY.COM (Monopoly the Game 1.0)
11. BACKTALK.COM (Like it says)
12. TURBODGI.COM (Turbo Digital Picture System)
13. TCHESS.COM (Turbo Chess by Borland Int.)
14. RELEASE.COM (TSR:Release Mem. Res. Prog Utility)
15. QUICKODE.COM (Quick Code from Phriendly Phreaks)
16. MAXHEAD.COM (Max-Head Room, Catch the wave)
17. GAUNTLET.COM (Kill everything you see and run away from ghosts)
18. THEDRAW.COM (The Draw program for ANSI, Great!)
19. MFIT111.COM (Multiple Regression-Fit 1.11)*
20. ROUND42.COM (A PD Game opposed to MOONBUGS)
21. QUBECALC.COM (3D Spread Sheet Program)

The IBM/MS Pascal Compiler

01. MOTAR.EXE (Night Mission Pinball)
02. ST.EXE (IBM Story Teller)
03. SIDEWAYS.EXE (PD Version of Sideways)
04. CONVASC.EXE (Harvard Professional ASCII Utility)
05. VOPT.EXE (The disk Optimizer. Mace Util 1987 by Golden Bow System)
06. ED.EXE (PC Write)
07. DESQ.EXE *(DesqView)
08. SPYHUNT.EXE *(Spy Hunter, 1984)
09. CONFIG.EXE *(Config program for CSAM, Diagraph 2000)
10. DIAGRAPH.EXE *(The Diagraph 2000 main program)
11. DISKLOOK.COM *(Peter Norton DiskLook 2.01)
12. BLOAD.COM *(Peter Norton Binary to Bload Utility)
13. PERSEDIT.EXE (IBM Personal Editor)

The IBM/MS Fortran Compiler

01. FOURIER.EXE (Fast Fourier Transform)
02. NEWTON.EXE (Newton's Root solve method)*
03. BAUDRATE.OBJ (Calculate All baud rates for FILETYPE)*

The RM-Fortran Compiler

01. LAPLACE.EXE (Laplace Transform)*

The STSC APL Interpreters

01. REVERSI.AWS (Reversi, like othello)
02. NOLOCK.AWS (Unlock APL's LOCKED functions)*
03. TAYLOR.AWS (Taylor Series)*
04. EIGENVAL.AWS (Eigen vector solving program)
05. HOSTCOMM.AWS (Communication program in APL)
06. MSMASHER.AWS (Modem Smasher, Send 1200 Baud shocks, RAD!!!)*
07. APL2QB.AWS (APL Compiler, Convert STSC APL .AWS to QuickBASIC .OBJ)*

The PortaAPL Interpreter

01. RADICAL.APL (Like it says a radical program)
02. CUBE.APL (3D Cube Demo)

Janus/ADA Compiler

01. QUEEN.COM (The ancient 8 queen problem)
02. SNOOPY.COM (Snoopy Calendar program)

Clipper, a DBASE Compiler

01. LABMAS30.EXE (Label Master 3.0)
02. SOFTLIST.EXE (Software List Manager)
03. GEN.EXE (Genifer, DBase Application Generator)
04. REPORT.EXE (Report Generator)
05. WAMPUM.EXE (Similar to DBASE, V3.0)

In this list I've realized top 5 Compilers are used.
They are Lattice C, Computer Innovations C86, Borland's
Turbo Pascal, Microsoft BASIC and C Compilers.

Note: Not all Compilers Informations are listed here
when one uses FILETYPE one may expect detailed info about
any program. The informations presented in this list may
be a little different from other FileType Explorers.

Note: Informations provided here are subject to change
without notice and does not imply information are 100%

For additional Compiler Informations look in the
FILETYPE User Guide.

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