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Filename : PACKING.LST

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CTS Serial Port Utilities Version 1.3 PACKING.LST

This release of the CTS Serial Port Utilities should contain the
following files. If any files are missing, please contact us at
Computer Telecommunication Systems, Inc., 3847 Foxwood Road,
Suite 1000, Duluth, GA 30136-6100 USA. Voice phone: 404-263-8623.

Documentation & Information Files

DESCRIBE.DOC Sample descriptions for catalogs, BBSs, etc

README.1ST Important information about the CTS Serial Port Utilities

ORDER.DOC Registration form for the CTS Serial Port Utilities

VENDOR.DOC Information for vendors on distributing the
CTS Serial Port Utilities

SYSOP.DOC Information for Bulletin Board SYSOPs on posting the
CTS Serial Port Utilities for downloading

LICENSE.DOC Important license and usage information

HISTORY.DOC Description of all changes by version

SPU.DOC Documentation (the User Guide) for the
CTS Serial Port Utilities

FILE_ID.DIZ Description file used by Bulletin Boards.

DESC.SDI One line description of the CTS Serial Port Utilities

RESPONSE A user survey

Executable (program) files:
PORTINFO.EXE Diagnostic program for testing serial port
installation and configuration on your system

BUFFER.EXE Set the receive buffer level in 16550A UARTs

COM_BPS.EXE Set the data rate (bits/second) for any port

COM_FMT.EXE Set the word format for any port

DOS_COM.EXE "Install" missing ports for DOS use

DOS_SWAP.EXE Swap DOS port assignments

DTR.EXE Control the DTR line on any port

RESETCOM.EXE Restore any port to the default status

RTS.EXE Control the RTS line on any port

IRQ.EXE Control the OUT2 line (used to enable / disable
interrupts on any port)