Category : System Diagnostics for your computer
Archive   : CMOS.ZIP
Filename : CMOS.BAS

Output of file : CMOS.BAS contained in archive : CMOS.ZIP

ÿY d:Ù Program for creating CMOSPUT.COM and CMOSGET.COM— n:Ù Saves/restores AT CMOS configuration -- Robert Hummel¿ xÀ:‘ "Checking DATA; please wait..."ï ‚‚ Bç Ì :‚ Cç Ì :‡ A$:TçTéÿ”("&H"éA$):ƒ Œ‡ S:‹ SçT Í  3 –‘ "DATA ERROR IN LINE";Bë
éð;" -- REDO":?  Tç:ƒ:Œl ªº "CMOSPUT.COM" AS # ÿ’ç:þ‚ #, AS D$Š ´‚ Bç Ì :‚ Cç Ì :‡ A$· ¾þ… D$çÿ–(ÿ”("&H"éA$)):þˆ #:ƒ:‡ DUMMY$:ƒÕ È»:‘ "CMOSPUT.COM CREATED"
Òº "CMOSGET.COM" AS # ÿ’ç:þ‚ #, AS D$
܂ Bç Ì :‚ Cç Ì :‡ A$M
æþ… D$çÿ–(ÿ”("&H"éA$)):þˆ #:ƒ:‡ DUMMY$:ƒk
ú„ B9,40,00,B4,07,CD,21,88,C4,B0,40,28,C8,FA,E6,70,2078á
„ EB,00,88,E0,E6,71,FB,E2,EA,B4,2C,CD,21,E8,1C,00,2371„ B4,03,B2,00,CD,1A,B4,2A,CD,21,89,C8,B1,64,F6,F1,2153W„ 86,E0,89,C1,E8,05,00,B4,05,CD,1A,C3,51,89,D0,E8,2194’"„ 03,00,89,C2,58,B9,0A,00,86,E5,F6,F1,B1,04,D2,E0,2082Í,„ 08,E0,86,C5,30,E4,B1,0A,F6,F1,B1,04,D2,E0,08,C4,23326„ 88,E8,89,C1,C3,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,893B@„ B9,40,00,B0,40,28,C8,FA,E6,70,EB,00,E4,71,FB,B4,2328}J„ 02,88,C2,CD,21,E2,EC,C3,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,1227